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NHL weekend preview: NHL on NBC back, same as ever

Pierre McGuire is back to haunt our afternoons.
Pierre McGuire is back to haunt our afternoons.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There is no football this Saturday in these United States of America, and the NHL is taking advantage of that. There are 13 games this Saturday, as well as three on Sunday. However, the Sunday games are quite good. This is a fine weekend of NHL action, indeed.

Is it Hockey Day in Canada this Sunday? I ask because all seven Canadian teams are in action, with six of them facing off. Alas, the NHL does not sanction triple threat matches. There are three games this afternoon, including Edmonton versus Winnipeg, but fans of those teams, and only fans of those teams. The Rangers are visiting the Senators, and Tampa is hosting San Jose. Those are a couple good games, particularly the latter.

Montreal and Toronto are squaring off, which is another reason I think this may be Hockey Day in Canada. If it isn't THE Hockey Day in Canada, it is, at the very least, A Hockey Day in Canada. Los Angeles is in Detroit, as the Wings look to get healthy. The best game of the day? Anaheim visiting St. Louis. Two of the best teams in the league. Additionally, Dallas is facing Minnesota, a couple playoff hopefuls there, and the day ends with Calgary taking on Vancouver. Oh, Canada.

Sunday begins with the return of NHL on NBC, at least for this week. In the afternoon, it's Chicago against Boston. A Stanley Cup Final rematch. Good times. The schedule I am looking at also says the Capitals and Rangers will be on NBC, but I have to think maybe that's just local. I mean, they aren't going to run a hockey game during the NFL playoffs, right? Also, Tampa is facing Carolina, which is good.

And so, the NHL takes center stage in two countries. Of course, it always takes center stage in Canada. Enjoy the games.