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NHL Trade Rumors: Mike Gillis stays silent, Martin St. Louis eyes Big Apple

Ryan Kesler trade rumors loom as the NHL Trade Deadline approaches
Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

With the March 5 NHL Trade Deadline on the horizon, many rumors have been looming over players around the NHL. Here are three of the most recent and most talked about players that could be on the move.

Ryan Kesler- Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks center Ryan Kesler may or may not have asked the organization for a trade leading up to the March 5 NHL Trade Deadline. It all depends on who you ask.

Canucks GM Mike Gillis wasn’t up for clearing up whether the rumors were true or not, but on Wednesday night the possibility of Kesler moving over the next eight days grew legs when Louis Jean of TVA Sports in Montreal tweeted that the 29-year-old Michigan native does in fact want out of Vancouver.

Hours later, Adrian Dater of the Denver Post axed off the limbs, stating that according to the agent of Kesler, the request never happened.

We don’t know a lot, but we do know that Kesler, who is in his 10th season with the Canucks, has a hand injury that might not appeal to many GMs down the final stretch of the regular season. Kesler, who played for the U.S. men’s team in Sochi during the 2014 Olympic Games did not dress in Wednesday’s game.

It’s health issues that could deter teams from sealing a deal, but that doesn't mean GMs won’t at least pick up the phone to inquire about him.

According to TSN Analyst Bob McKenzie, it would take a 20-25 year old who can learn to take over Kesler’s role for Gillis to move his center.

Kesler has a no-trade, no-movement clause in his contract which expires in 2015-2016.

2013-2014 Stats: GP :60 Goals: 20 Assists: 18 Points: 38 -10 PIM:63

Martin St. Louis- Tampa Bay Lightning

It seems like the saga of Marty St. Louis will never end.

It started with not making Team Canada and has progressed to his feelings being so hurt, that now he wants out of Tampa Bay- which the gold medal winner openly admitted on Wednesday, without saying much more. The problem is, he will apparently only accept a trade to the New York Rangers.

How unhappy can he be, if he only has one destination in mind? Someone that doesn't want to be a part of an organization would be willing to go anywhere to get out of it, but that’s not what we are hearing here.

With Tampa Bay sitting in a playoff spot with 24 games left to go before the post season, it would be incredibly shocking if Steve Yzerman decided to blow up his roster by plucking his leading scorer from the lineup and it seems unlikely to happen.

This is something that Yzerman and St. Louis will have to work on, and over time hopefully things can be smoothed out. If not, St. Louis will have to open his mind to more than one destination or learn to keep his mouth shut.

In the meantime, the equipment manager should start sewing in the ‘C’ to Steven Stamkos’ jersey, because it doesn’t seem like St. Louis is worthy of it anymore.

St. Louis has one year left on his contract, which will expire in 2014-2015.

2013-2014 Stats: GP: 58 Goals: 25 Assists: 31 Points: 56 +15 PIM: 6

Ryan Callahan- New York Rangers

The four-year captain of the New York Rangers might be in his final week with the Blueshirts, as Ryan Callahan and Glen Sather remain at a stalemate as far as a contract extension goes.

According to a TSN report on Tuesday evening, the chances that Callahan gets traded before the NHL's deadline was "99 percent guaranteed,'' but there hasn't been any signs of a deal as far as what the Rangers are looking at getting in return or where Captain Cally might be headed, the NY Daily News reported early Thursday.

Callahan has maintained that he wants to remain a Ranger, while standing firm on his $7 million asking price.

He's a player that leaves everything on the ice and has been a good leader for the Rangers over the last few seasons, but with his style of play he's a player that will be worn down long before he should be. It's a risk not many GMs would be willing to take on, unless he comes down on price and length.

The fact that he will become a free agent on July 1 is also a big factor in what Sather can get and makes it difficult for the Rangers GM to decide what way to work this; lose a big part of your team heading into the playoffs but gain an asset or lose him in the summer while getting nothing for him.

The next several days will be fun.

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