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NHL Trade Deadline Looms With No Trades from Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets forward Devin Setoguchi could be dealt before the NHL Trade Deadline
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets entered Tuesday's game with another win in their vision, but let's be honest - each and every player on the team had one other thought in mind - the same as every player who laced up - the NHL Trade Deadline.

What has become the favourite day of hockey pundits is a nightmare for anyone currently wearing a professional hockey jersey. Yes, some players are protected at the NHL Trade Deadline by clauses in their contracts, but the rumour mill is at its peak. When New Jersey Devils netminder Martin Brodeur is being bandied about for switching teams amidst what is likely his last season, you know anyone is vulnerable.

That being said, there are very few Winnipeg Jets being talked about at this time. At one point, names like Olli Jokinen were being talked about as bait. Now... not so much. The Jets are in striking distance of a wildcard spot in the playoffs and any disturbance to team chemistry must be very carefully weighed.

The only talk about NHL Trade Deadline in and around Jets camp, really, has been the possible swapping of Devon Setoguchi back to the San Jose Sharks. "Seto" has a meager 26 points 3/4 of the way through the season, hardly the number you'd expect from a player once projected to be a first-liner and, at least, a former 3-time 30-goal scorer.

If the Jets were to deal Setoguchi, one would expect that a player would come back in return, preferably another forward. The player who may make the most sense coming back could be Tyler Kennedy. Another player who hasn't lived up to expectations, Kennedy has only four goals this year through an injury-shortened season; however, there's an upside to Kennedy who is a grinder and can be a formidable roleplayer worthy of taking the spot of the injured James Wright on the Winnipeg Jets' fourth line.

Beyond Setoguchi, there are forever questions about the fairly congested Winnipeg Jets defence. NHL Trade Deadline day has been the rumoured departure day in the past for Paul Postma, who seemed to be keeping a spot warm for developing prospect Zach Redmond. Certainly there are enough teams who could use a capable defenceman, and Postma fits the bill, especially with a long career ahead of him.

The more likely possibility is that a waiver wire pickup will happen for the Jets. Kevin Chevaldayoff has always been savvy of these opportunities and don't expect the NHL Trade Deadline to be any different.

Stay tuned to the Winnipeg Jets Examiner for all the NHL Trade Deadline news.

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