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NH woman accused of stealing dog found not guilty

Alice Giordano was found not guilty for dognapping.
Alice Giordano was found not guilty for dognapping.
Portsmouth Police / Seacoast Online

A New Hampshire woman who was charged with receiving stolen property and theft of lost property has been acquitted, according to Seacoast Online. Alice Giordano, a 47 year old woman from Portsmouth, was found not guilty for stealing a dog after a long trial on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Giordano was accused of stealing a Boston Terrier named Mickey. The 8 year old dog was microchipped and belonged to Natasha Curtis. Curtis, who claimed she searched for months for Mickey, saw a stranger walking her dog six months after he went missing. Giordano stated she found him wandering the streets and after looking for his owners, took him in.

Though Giordano's story kept changing, the judge determined there was not enough sufficient evidence to charge her for criminal activity.

Witnesses for the prosecution testified that Giordano did not do enough to find Mickey's owners. He was, after all, microchipped with up-to-date information. Witnesses for the defense testified that Giordano put up flyers, asked around and even found Mickey's owners but could never get in touch with them.

At one point, Giordano reported to have rescued Mickey from abuse. Curtis reported that when Mickey was returned to her, he was filthy, lacking his testicles and had bite marks on his rear end.

Giordano was relieved and thrilled after hearing the not-guilty verdict.

NH woman accused of stealing dog claims she rescued him from abuse

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