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NH woman accused of stealing dog claims she rescued him from abuse

Alice Giordano went to trial today for dognapping.
Alice Giordano went to trial today for dognapping.
Portsmouth Police / Seacoast Online

The trial for Alice Giordano, a 47 year old woman from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, began today in the case of dognapping, according to Seacoast Online. Giordano is accused of stealing another family's Boston Terrier, who goes by the name of 'Mickey.'

Giordano told police that she rescued the 8 year old Boston Terrier from abuse, according to the testimony of Officer David Colby. Originally, Giordano claimed the dog was hers but when a microchip proved otherwise, she then told police she found the dog wandering the streets.

In February of 2013, Natasha Curtis' young son let Mickey out and he disappeared. The family put up flyers in search of their missing dog. After months of looking, the family got a new dog, according to CBS Boston. Two weeks later on August 17, 2013, Curtis saw a stranger walking Mickey. She confronted him.

The man left to get his wife, who ripped the dog out of Curtis' hands, shouting the dog was hers. The police were called to the scene. Once the microchip determined Curtis as the rightful owner, Giordano was arrested and Mickey went home with his family.

Mickey was reported as being “filthy,” neutered and with “red bite marks on his rear end,” according to Seacoast Online. Curtis said Mickey cost $900 with AKC papers and that he was “studded” for puppies twice.

Giordano then stated she found the dog wandering the streets but made no attempt to locate his owners. Later, she stated she put up flyers saying the dog was found and tried to find his owners. She was charged with a misdemeanor of receiving stolen property.

Giordano and her attorney, Carol Chellman, are arguing that she “rescued the dog from a busy road on a frigid day” and there is not sufficient evidence to say Giordano did not take “reasonable measures to find the possible owner.”

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