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NH politics in review 2009

Author’s note: While choosing which political news for “in review” is admittedly a subjective process and no doubt some will disagree with them, the entries listed below attempt to represent some of the more high-profile events in NH politics.

  • Senator Judd Gregg-R accepts President Obama’s nomination as Secretary of Commerce (Feb.); Gregg abruptly withdraws his name from consideration (Feb.)
  • Democratic Governor Lynch reappoints Republican Kelly Ayotte as Attorney General (Mar.).
  • Former Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley makes his way back on the political scene, winning special election state Senate race (Apr.).
  • Democratic-majority legislature passes same-sex marriage bill (May) and medical marijuana bill (June); Governor Lynch signs same-sex marriage (June), but vetoes medical marijuana (July).
  • Attorney General Kelly Ayotte resigns in her post to run for Senate (Jul.).
  • Bill signed into law that bans texting while driving (Jul.).
  • Override of Governor’s medical marijuana veto fails in Senate (Oct.).
  • Senator Gatsas-R wins Manchester mayoral election, along with 13 Democratic Alderman elected to the Board (Nov.).
  • Spending cap referendum put on ballots in several towns; defeated in some, passed in others, including Manchester (Nov.).  NH Supreme Court agrees to hear case (Dec.).
  • NH’s congressional delegation votes party line for/against health care reform bill (Nov. and Dec.).


  • Captain and Tennille 5 years ago

    You missed the bill that NH legislature passed prohibiting NH driver's from operating vehicles with pets on their laps. This is a tradegy. My shih tszu (Tennille) is now riding in the backseat (buckled) and NOT happy!