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NH politician apologizes and pays fine for running over ducks

NH State Rep Campbell aplogizes and pays fine for killing ducks.
NH State Rep Campbell aplogizes and pays fine for killing ducks.
public domain/Petr Kratochvil

New Hampshire State Representative David Campbell has issued a public apology for running over and killing five ducks with his car on December 23, 2013, according to the Nashua Telegraph. Following a 16-day investigation, police reports showed that Campbell killed five ducks with his car outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, NH.

According to witness James Murphy, Campbell was approaching a group of ducks with his car but instead of slowing down, he accelerated, crushing about half a dozen ducks.

Police reports state that Campbell had been drinking before leaving the hotel, though Campbell states he only had two drinks. Police reports also state that Campbell called Nashua Police Commissioner Thomas Pappas to “escort him away from the area” on the night in question. The bartender and a witness corroborate Campbell only having two drinks.

Campbell was cited for killing waterfowl out of season, an off-season hunting charge that cost him $695. Campbell also donated the same amount to the New Hampshire Audubon Society.

Pappas did not have to answer any questions about the incident or any conversations that transpired that night, claiming attorney-client privilege, having represented Campbell in the past. Campbell couldn't be reached by police for questioning until the next morning.

The officer who arrived on the scene to investigate that night, Michael Hatzipetros, reported that five ducks were dead in front of the hotel, a scene that had “entrails and feathers strewn throughout.”

Campbell claims to have “double tapped” the brakes but instead hit the gas pedal by mistake.

“I apologize and ask forgiveness from those I have offended and from others that may judge me solely on the basis of this very unfortunate accident,” he said. “This occurred while some people were feeding the ducks in the roadway nearby. I know it greatly upset them, as it did me. In spite of the accusations to the contrary, this was accidental, unintentional, and deeply affected me then and now.”

Read the full story here, including details from the police report.

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