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NH House Rep Emerson-Brown tweets mind-numbing stupidity

Democrat State Rep tweets mind-numbing stupidity
Democrat State Rep tweets mind-numbing stupidity
Kimberly Morin

This morning Democrat State Representative Rebecca Emerson-Brown (she goes by @RebaEmerson on Twitter) retweeted the following from CNN’s David Frum: “The sad truth is: many gun owners aren’t very good at owning guns. Good at tweeting though!” Only Emerson-Brown added the New Hampshire political hashtags #NHHouse nad #NHPolitics. No one is exactly sure what this means. It’s not clear that Emerson even knows what this means. How does she or Frum know what kind of gun owners the people tweeting against gun control are? What exactly is their definition of a ‘good gun owner?’

So many questions come to mind yet Emerson-Brown hasn’t responded to email inquiries or tweets for clarification (yet she was tweeting after inquiries were made). It’s interesting that she was pushing a gun control bill based on false premises; bogus studies and statistics that aren’t relevant to the Granite State but appears to know what kind of gun owners reside here.

It’s obvious Emerson-Brown is for gun control and doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment but is she able to identify who the ‘good gun owners’ are on Twitter? Does she somehow have extrasensory perception powers that she can see into the homes of gun owners and knows who is a ‘bad’ gun owner and who is a ‘good’ gun owner? Sounds more like Santa Claus than a New Hampshire State Representative. State Reps should do themselves a favor and stick to facts rather than tweet mind-numbing stupidity. It only further proves what many believe them to be already.

NOTE: If Representative Emerson-Brown does respond, her response will be updated in this article.