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NH Democrats pass one of the most racist laws on the books

Yesterday the New Hampshire State Legislature passed HB 1403 – a minimum wage law – and what is considered one of the most racist laws on the books. Why is the minimum wage law considered racist? The minimum wage law was originally started with racist intent. The first minimum wage law was put into place in South Africa by racists (progressives and labor unions) to keep black men out of the workforce. It acted as a workforce entry barrier. For racists it was a law that would allow them to act racist without any ramifications for their disgusting behavior thanks to the government. How does that apply to minimum wage laws today? The effect is the same – young black men are hurt the most by minimum wage laws.

Democrats pass the most racist law on the books in New Hampshire
The Nation

Harry R. Jackson Jr. explains it perfectly:

The federal minimum wage may no longer be racist in intent, but it is still racist in its effects. Labor is affected by supply and demand just like anything else. If we pass a law that raises the cost of printer paper to $100 a ream, companies will find a way to use less printer paper. In the same way, when the law raises the cost of labor, companies purchase fewer hours of labor. Larger corporations may relocate their operations to countries without such laws, and smaller businesses may start paying workers “under the table” in cash. This means that law-abiding American workers will find their hours cut, or worse yet, they will lose their jobs. And those most likely to be affected are the teenagers and lower skilled minorities who hold most entry-level positions.

In reality, we all know that a single mother working 40 hours a week for minimum wage will struggle to make ends meet. But while an extra dollar an hour might buy her a bag of groceries, it won’t keep the lights on or gas in the car. What people do in that situation is work two minimum wage jobs, or have their teenaged children work part time to help with the household expenses. But if there are fewer such entry-level jobs available, that family’s income will not increase, as the President hopes it will. It will actually decrease dramatically.

A study conducted by two labor economists - William Even and David Macpherson titled - "Unequal Harm: Racial Disparities in the Employment Consequences of Minimum Wage Increases" discovered the following, as reported by Walter E. Williams:

Their study focuses on 16-to-24-year-old male high school dropouts, understandably a relatively inexperienced group of labor market participants. Since minimum wage laws discriminate against the employment of the least-skilled worker, it shouldn't be surprising to find 16-to-24-year-old male high school dropouts its primary victims.

Among the white males, the authors find that "each 10 percent increase in a state or federal minimum wage has decreased employment by 2.5 percent; for Hispanic males, the figure is 1.2 percent.

"But among black males in this group, each 10 percent increase in the minimum wage decreased employment by 6.5 percent."

Of course, facts and statistics never get in the way of Democrats passing laws that make them ‘appear’ to care about workers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to research the history and effects of minimum wage laws. As usual Democrats don’t bother with silly numbers they don’t understand. They count on voters being completely ignorant of the facts and negative effects of their legislation. Rather than help the economy and create jobs, as Democrats said they would during the last election cycle, they are hurting the economy and killing jobs. New Hampshire House Democrats just passed one of the most racist laws on the books. Either they didn’t research or they did and simply don’t care. It proves once again that Democrats do not have the best interest of Granite Staters in mind when they vote on legislation that will directly hurt the people they are supposed to represent.

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