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NH Democrats admit they are the party of no ideas

Democrats whine about tactics they've been using for years
Democrats whine about tactics they've been using for years

In case you hadn’t heard, the National Republican Congressional Committee created some clearly fake websites against Democrat candidates up for re-election. The websites were obviously not for the Democrat candidate but apparently Democrat voters aren’t into reading comprehension. Today the New Hampshire Democrats sent out a tweet stating -“Trying to trick voters is the shameless last resort of a party with no ideas”. This tweet is beyond amusing since Democrats have been using the same tactics for years. Are New Hampshire Democrats finally admitting they are the party of no ideas?

Below are just a few examples of Democrats using the same tactics they are whining about now:

It is typical of Democrats to whine about something they have been doing for years. It’s about time Republicans started using the same tactics. For decades Democrats have ‘played in the sandbox’ but Republicans were ‘above’ that type of behavior. It’s time Republicans get in the sandbox because if they do they can win since they have something Democrats never have on their side – facts. Democrats truly are the ‘party with no ideas’ because they keep recycling failed ideas over and over again.

Two examples come to mind that are currently being heard in the House – HB 1589, gun control and HB 1403, minimum wage. Both ideas are based on lies. New Hampshire Democrats like to push bills they haven’t bothered researching; are statistically proven to hurt the state and historical evidence proves either harm Granite Staters or won’t do anything to help them. Yes, it seems as though New Hampshire Democrats got this one right, they are the party with no ideas.