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NH Board of Education names Dr. McNeil to Professional Standards Board

On February 9, 2011 the State Board of Education named Dr. Mary McNeil as a Higher Education representative to the Professional Standards Board (PSB). This action completes the voting membership of the PSB, which consists of 21 appointed education professional plus the Director of the Division of Program Support. The PSB is authorized by state law to advise the State Board of Education about educators' professional growth, certification, and governance.

Dr. Mary McNeil is the Chair of the Education Division at Rivier College. From 2006-2010 Dr. McNeil was the Associate Dean and Professor at Chapman University, School of Education in Orange, CA. She also served on the NH State Board of Education from 2004-2006. Dr. McNeil stated in her application, “I am particularly interested in continuing my involvement in the important decisions around teacher education in the State of New Hampshire. Teacher education is a critical point in our Nation and I am firmly committed to working with colleagues locally and nationally to ensure that teacher preparation programs are relevant to today’s society, rigorous, and ethical.”

The appointment of Dr. McNeil brings the membership of the 2010-2011 PSB back up to 18 members; there remains 3 vacant spots for Teachers and Education Specialists.


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