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NFL uniforms have a buzz among NFL players

The NFL puts some thought into its uniforms and they get input from a lot of different quarters. The Seattle Seahawks, for instance, honored local Native Americans (some just say Indians) from the Pacific Northwest.

The Seattle Seahawks have a seahawk painted on their helmet which is designed to reflect the local Native American's tradition of putting images on totem poles that reflect local tradition.

On the side of the Seahawks' uniform pants there are wings--12 of them--to account for the eleven Seahawks players on the field at any given time in the game and the ever-present twelfth man: that raucous Seattle home crowd at Century Link Field.

The wings are of a design consistent with wings found in local Native American lore. So the Seattle Seahawks are really a grass roots team that reflects the ancient tradition of Native American people in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

Players, as you'll see if you watch the second of the attached videos, have a contribution or, perhaps, an unresolved complaint. Some players think the new (as of 2012) uniforms actually make the big players look fat.

Some things are unfortunate and this is one of them. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team. It turns out that some of those big guys--the linemen--think the new Nike uniforms make them look fat in the waist area.

More specifically, some of these very large people have complained that their love handles have been so exaggerated by the new and unforgiving jerseys that their love handles are now, really, un-love handles.

I have, indeed, been concerned by the sight of these complainers. These people--these really huge people--who the National Football League saw fit to hire need to be fitted with mirrors that will relect away the eyes that are drawn unconsciously to the sight of these people.

I've heard actual fans who are convinced that mirrors strategically placed on some of the worst offenders would enhance the visual image and make the NFL experience more like a movie. I don't know if it will work though.

What movie do NFL fans want to be reminded of while watching a live football game? I'll look into it and get back to you.

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