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NFL Training Camp: Coaches praise 49ers after first week of practice

While the Santa Clara authorities are trying to figure out the traffic routes and access to Levi’s Stadium for the inaugural season, Jim Harbaugh is acting like a traffic cop figuring out who’s progressing after a week of practice.

The 49ers are winding down their first week of practice in Santa Clara
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Mark Uyeyama 49ers' strength and conditioning coach
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RB LaMichael James has a partially torn meniscus, RB Kendall Hunter is out for the season with a torn achilles suffered on Tuesday, the second day of practice.

James will wear a brace when he comes back which should be before the season opener.

With RB LaMicheal James out, the 49ers have to work in a punt returner and are considering using DB Perrish Cox and WR Bruce Ellington in that role.

LB Aldon Smith was absent from practice for part of the week with reports that he was in L.A. meeting with authorities regarding the LA airport incident in the off-season. Reportedly, he will meet with Commissioner Goodell before the regular season begins.

Los Angeles authorities have publicly stated that he will not be charged after having made questionable statements when he was processed for a secondary screening by TSA officers.

Coach Jim Harbaugh was quick to praise Frank Gore now in his 10th NFL season.

“Frank gets football. Frank knows football. He’s in tremendous shape. He comes in at 6am to get his cardio in then watches tape to study the game.“ Harbaugh said.

Early on, Greg Roman OC has said that rookie RB Carlos Hyde from Ohio St possesses a lot of the same qualities as Gore.

Later in the week, Roman praised guys for working extremely hard on understanding what’s been put in regarding the base offense. “Now they need to master add-ons, some very specific situational stuff.”

“As you know, we have a game coming up pretty quickly,” Roman said.

WR Michael Crabtree looks 100% healthy after missing half of last season with a torn achilles last May.

“I’m excited to see what he can do, now that he’s 100%, “ QB Colin Kaepernick said.

WR Brandon Lloyd, in his 12th NFL season, is back wearing a 49ers uniform after 8 years away with stints in Washington, Chicago, St Louis, Denver, and New England. “I have three steps I do every training camp: Don’t let the playbook defeat you, give maximum effort every time, and make the plays.” Lloyd said.

After sitting out the ’13 season, Lloyd said the 49ers were the only team he wanted to play for. “I know the West Coast offense, there are a lot of similarities from my Illinois college days.” Of course there are nuances so it’s not easy but it is similar.”

The 49ers open the pre-season August 7th in Baltimore but the 49ers have links on their website to access roads to specific parking facilities at Levi’s Stadium now, so hopefully, people will have ample time to figure out their game-day ritual.

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