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NFL trade rumors: Marion Barber on the block?

Marion Barber is again rumored to be on the trading block
Marion Barber is again rumored to be on the trading block
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The 1-4 Dallas Cowboys are on the top of the list of teams rumored to be in the market for a trade before the deadline today at 4 p.m. Marion Barber pops up the most on the rumor mill.

No announcements have been made on any team's official site.

Rumors spread quickly after the loss to the Vikings that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was willing to open his wallet to try and turn around this season, one in which the Super Bowl will be hosted in his stadium.

One site reported that the Green Bay Packers have been in touch with the Cowboys about Marion Barber.

Another site reported that the Cowboys would be willing to trade draft picks to New England for offensive lineman Logan Mankins, who  would be a much-needed addition. I even saw one rumor that the Cowboys were ready to call it quits with Tony Romo and have discussed trading him (I didn't give this rumor much weight and won't even link it).

But the Cowboys also have needs in the secondary, chiefly at safety. They also need to hire a Director of Discipline to decrease the alarming number of penalties the Cowboys have committed in the first five games. To be blunt, things are not looking rosy.

Trading Barber has been a rumor for three years now, and it was really simmering after the rookie seasons of both Tashard Choice and Felix Jones. Both showed flashes of greatness. Choice hasn't been used very much at all in the Cowboys past two games, and that made me think he was the most likely player to be traded. He's young and hasn't been overused.

Despite the rumors, it appears the Cowboys held onto their chips and didn't make any mid-season deals.

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