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NFL trade rumors: DeSean Jackson to Seattle Seahawks trade possible?

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson could get traded before the 2014 NFL season.
Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson could get traded before the 2014 NFL season.
Photo by D Dipasupil

NFL trade rumors about DeSean Jackson are starting to pick up momentum. Fresh NFL trade rumors about DeSean Jackson possibly going to the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, or San Francisco 49ers have surfaced in the last 24 hours. According to a report from CBS Sports late Tuesday night (March 18), the Philadelphia Eagles are definitely shopping the polarizing wide receiver with the intent to deal him before the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

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Many teams have already inquired about the price and it currently stands at a third-round pick. His salary is currently at $10.5 million for the coming season, potentially pricing out some teams that could use his talent. It seems that nearly every contender has checked in with the Eagles about his availability, leading to numerous stories about where he could potentially end up. It would seem that he could be a very good fit for a team like the Carolina Panthers or Kansas City Chiefs, but the Chiefs might not be able to afford him and the Panthers are moving cautiously after the bad news when it comes to Cam Newton.

When it comes to 2014 NFL trade rumors, the buzz surrounding these ones if much hotter than when it was mentioned Chris Johnson was being shopped by the Tennessee Titans. The reason could be the production level of DeSean Jackson and that he could become a real impact player for a franchise right away. This is what could make the Seattle Seahawks an interesting destination, especially since they recently lost their top receiver from 2013 (Golden Tate) to the Detroit Lions through free agency. Replacing him with a high profile name like this could certainly make them the favorites to win another Super Bowl.

Fantasy football owners will want to pay close attention to this situation, because he could definitely end up with a team that would allow his value to go up during the 2014 NFL season. There is also the chance he could go to a team like the New England Patriots and see a dip in production due to all the weapons that Tom Brady already has there. Many questions will continue to float around until the Philadelphia Eagles find a team that is actually willing to part with a third-round pick.

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