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NFL superstar Michael Vick chats with Car Chick about autos and

John Abraham, Arizona Cardinals
John Abraham, Arizona Cardinals

Gridiron superman Michael Vick with his quick and electrifying moves on the football field as a Philadelphia Eagle has been harboring a secret. Vick is a hands-down car aficionado, that's right, he loves cars--big, small, foreign, pickups or made in the good old U.S. of A! Vick has launched a car site for folks who also have a car monkey on their Now Vick chatted with the Car Chick about his passion for all motorized things on four wheels.

Michael Vick's passion for cars is evident on his site.

Tell me about your first car crush.

I purchased my first car in 1998 when I was getting ready to go away to college. I paid $4,000 for a rust brown-colored 1989 Nissan Stanza which frankly, wasn't much to look at but I loved that car. My freshman year of college, I was really homesick, so I ran that Stanza every single weekend, to and fro, from Blacksburg, Va., back home to Newport News which is a nearly 300-mile trip each way!

Since you love driving, what kinds of personal touches have you added to kick your rides up a notch?

Since I prefer to drive to get from Point A to Point B as opposed to flying, and oftentimes, I tend to cover long distances, I like customizing my vehicles so that I am comfortable. I can truly appreciate eye-catching wheels, a real soothing/melodious sound system and an interior, which I usually have customized, that is not only inviting but comfortable.

How many cars do you own? Do have a personal favorite and why?

I do love vehicles, there's no denying this and most of the ones I own are luxury SUV's:

• 2013 Infiniti QX56
• 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT Matte Gray Edition
• 2012 Jaguar XJ8
• 2012 Lexus LX570
• 2012 Audi A8L

Out of all the vehicles I own, I seem to gravitate more towards the Audi A8L. The car has a really low profile, so the look is real sleek. The Audi 8L is comfortable not only in the front but for those folks sitting in the rear because it's the extended, longer version. The car also has outstanding handling capabilities and a real sporty feel. I had the windows on the Audi tinted for anonymity. In addition, I tend to favor my Caddie pickup truck as well which does a thorough job of combining luxury with a kind of ruggedness that is not jostling. I really just love all kinds of cars!

What types of cars do prefer? e.g., sports, exotics, luxury, etc or European, Japanese, American....

European luxury sedans are pretty hot and may be at the top of my automotive preferences, but I can truly appreciate any type of car. The vehicle that is really on my radar right now however is the Bentley Flying Spur which is comfortable, ultra luxurious and a real beast on the road--6-liters, 12-cylinders, 616 horsepower, 596 lb-ft of torque, need I say more?

Tell us about your site, what motivated you to create it? How does it differ from other similar sites?

My friend Charlie Reamon and I use to spend time at a custom shop in New Jersey called CarEffex owned by Mike Layton. We kind of conjured up the idea for, a site where people can upload photos of their vehicles, vote for a favorite and meet other car enthusiasts.

Since both Layton and I are named Mike, naming the site was a no-brainer! Layton also lends his car expertise to the site. Since Charlie and I have made some celebrity friends over the years, we've asked them to join the website, so that people can check out their rides as well.

There are car sites that only cater to a specific group of enthusiasts thereby excluding others. doesn't discriminate because it is an interactive showroom site where you can, not only share pics of your own car, ATV, motorcycle, and boat but peek at celebrity rides. Who hasn't been curious about the vehicles that celebrities own? In addition to the NFL players mentioned below, coming down the pike, site visitors will also be able to see the vehicles of actors and recording artists as well whose cars, in some cases, are so interestingly customized, it will be really difficult to turn away from them!

Which celebs are featured on your site?

Right now, besides my own personal vehicles, the site is featuring cars that belong to the following celebs:

DeAngelo Hall – Washington Redskins

Jason Babin – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia Eagles

John Abraham – Arizona Cardinals

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Denver Broncos

Trent Cole – Philadelphia Eagles

--Car Chick

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