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NFL Super Bowl odds for 2014 season as team training camps open

NFL Super Bowl odds for 2014 season as team training camps open
NFL Super Bowl odds for 2014 season as team training camps open
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As we approach the last week in July of 2014, all of the teams in the NFL have or will soon have their training camps open. The following is a list of the Super Bowl odds for each NFL team for the 2014 season as NFL training camps open.

The Super Bowl for the 2014 NFL season will be played on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Quite a big difference in geography and climate from the Super Bowl for the 2013 season, which was played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The earliest team to open its full camp is the Buffalo Bills, who opened camp for all players on July 19. The last NFL team to open its full training camp in 2014 will be the Detroit Lions, who open on July 27.

Should anyone bet a NFL team to win the Super Bowl as NFL training camps open? In general, probably not, as you could likely get pretty much the same odds at the start of the season and avoid taking a position with a team that could suffer a major injury in preseason play.

However, if you see a major discrepancy between what you think a team's chances are for winning the Super Bowl and the odds offered today, you should jump on it because major discrepancies in betting odds can often disappear quickly.

NFL Super Bowl odds for 2014 season as team training camps open

1. Denver Broncos - 6 to 1

Too low odds for my taste given Peyton Manning's record in the playoffs (11-12).

2. Seattle Seahawks - 7 to 1

Last team to repeat as Super Bowl winners was the New England Patriots (2003 and 2004 seasons).

3. San Francisco 49ers - 8.5 to 1

In Colin you trust if betting the Niners.

4. New England Patriots - 10 to 1

Can Tom Brady win another Super Bowl before he retires?

5. Green Bay Packers - 14 to 1

Have you seen Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend yet? She is hot. Check her out at 16 Hot photos of actress Olivia Munn current girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers in 2014.

6. New Orleans Saints - 18 to 1

You get Drew Brees.

7. Indianapolis Colts - 23 to 1

Andrew Luck is probably going to win a Super Bowl in his career, is 2014 the year?

8. Chicago Bears - 25 to 1

Betting on Jay Cutler is risky proposition in my book.

9. Philadelphia Eagles - 30 to 1

Do you see Chip Kelly winning a Super Bowl?

T-10. Pittsburgh Steelers - 32 to 1

Steelers have talented quarterback and pretty good head coach.

T-10. Cincinnati Bengals - 32 to 1

Do you see Marvin Lewis winning a Super Bowl?

12. Detroit Lions - 38 to 1

Matthew Stafford can fling it.

T-13. Baltimore Ravens - 40 to 1

Flacco and Harbough have already won once.

T-13. Carolina Panthers - 40 to 1

Can Cam Newton win a Super Bowl? What are the future odds on that little kid who is just warming up his arm in the TV commercial winning a Super Bowl?

15. New York Giants - 45 to 1

Decent odds for a team with a two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

16. Dallas Cowboys - 47 to 1

For Tony Romo believers.

T-17. Arizona Cardinals - 50 to 1

Can the home team win the Super Bowl in their own stadium this season?

T-17. San Diego Chargers - 50 to 1

Do you see Philip Rivers winning a Super Bowl?

T-17. Kansas City Chiefs - 50 to 1

Andy Reid wins 59% of his regular season games, but is .500 in playoff games.

T-17. St. Louis Rams - 50 to 1

Sam Bradford?

21. Atlanta Falcons - 52 to 1

Matt Ryan?

22. Washington Redskins - 55 to 1

Can RG3 win a Super Bowl?

T-23. Houston Texans - 65 to 1

Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard but plays dumb as a quarterback (just ask Bills fans).

T-23. Miami Dolphins - 65 to 1

Bill Parcells really left the Miami Dolphins a mess. You think anybody from the Dolphins knew that Bill Parcells never won a playoff game (0-3) and had a losing record (55-57) as a head coach without Bill Belichick on his staff when they hired him?

25. New York Jets - 70 to 1

Jets only Super Bowl was in 1969.

T-26. Buffalo Bills - 75 to 1

E.J. Manuel?

T-26. Cleveland Browns - 75 to 1

Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel?

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 78 to 1

Lovie Smith got a raw deal from the Bears and is out to prove himself this year.

29. Tennessee Titans - 90 to 1

Jake Locker?

30. Minnesota Vikings - 130 to 1

For Teddy Bridgewater fans.

31. Oakland Raiders - 150 to 1

How long before Derek Carr plays?

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - 250 to 1

Is Blake Bortles a franchise quarterback?

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