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NFL Pro Bowl 2014: Jerry Rice picks Saints Drew Brees, Rams Robert Quinn first

The 2014 NFL Pro Bowl is going to be completely different than it has ever been before with new rules, new rosters, and new team captains. On Jan. 21, 2014, Hall of Famer Jerry Rice won a coin toss against Deion Sanders to pick first, and he selected New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn.

Drew Brees was the first overall pick for the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl.
Getty Images

From there, Sanders selected Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt with his first picks. Watt let his feelings be known about Rice making his selections first.

"Don't think we forget Jerry picked them first," Watt said when asked whether the new schoolyard-style format would leave players with bruised egos.

The coin toss and first selections are just the beginning of the serious changes for the NFL Pro Bowl as things are turning to playground rules. Instead of players coming from the AFC and NFC, Rice and Sanders will select their whole teams to face off with one another.

"What it comes down to is just pride -- pride in your effort and your performance," Brees said.

On Tuesday, Rice and Sanders were to pick 11 players each. A live draft will take place on Wednesday for the rest of their teams and it will air on the NFL Network.

The hope from the league and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is that the new format will bring about a new sense of competition and make things better for the game, the fans, and the players.

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