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NFL pressured Miami Dolphins to fire trainer Kevin O'Neill

According to PFT on Friday, the NFL put pressure on the Miami Dolphins to fire head trainer Kevin O’Neill. Apparently, during the Ted Wells investigation, Kevin O’Neill “expressed hostility toward our investigators.”

Richie taking it light
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If becoming a hostile witness was the reason for his firing, O’Neill did a great job of not cooperating. Kevin O’Neill refused to play ball with the investigation, but The Sun- Sentinel reports O’Neill denies the most serious claims designated in the Wells report.

Dolphins Fire OL coach and head trainer.

The report states that O’Neill laughed at racial slurs and insults by Richie Incognito. These were insults directed at one of his assistant trainers. The different reports of how the case was handled is all over the place. An anonymous source spoke up for Kevin O’Neill.

Via PFT- “In fact, according to an anonymous source who talked to Hyde, O’Neill immediately went to that assistant trainer and asked him how he wanted to handle it. That trainer said he would handle the issue directly with Incognito, and that after the trainer confronted Incognito, Incognito apologized.”

This case is far from over on many levels. PFT also reports that O’Neill may be planning to sue the Dolphins for wrongful termination. As defiant as he was during the investigation, Miami had to know he wasn’t going to take his firing lightly.


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