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NFL preseason preview: Detroit Lions v. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ziggy Ansah should see his first action this preseason.
Ziggy Ansah should see his first action this preseason.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Well, here we are. The third preseason game. The one where fans tend to get to see their starters for the longest period of time. The one that gives us the greatest sense of what these teams will be. Sure, it still isn't a great sense, and far from a full picture, but it's something. The Lions host the Jacksonville Jaguars in their third preseason game. The Jaguars are expected to be awful this year. Nevertheless, at least it's a chance for the starters to see some work.

Not that some of them likely need it. Matthew Stafford looked good in limited action last week. Hopefully that is the case again. Calvin Johnson hasn't played, but who cares, as long as he's healthy for the regular season? Eric Ebron getting some work will be good. Other than that, on offense I'm more concerned about the depth running backs and depth wide receivers getting work to see who makes the team. Jacksonville's defense may not be formidable, but it still is real game reps.

On defense, the Lions will be going up against another rookie quarterback, with it being Blake Bortles this time. He was the highest drafted quarterback in this year's draft, although I liked him third most of the QBs that went in the first round. Ziggy Ansah should finally play, and it will be good for him to get reps, considering that he's still a raw player. Nick Fairley will hopefully shed some pounds. The secondary will get some work against a team that actually has a couple good receivers. Plus, you know, the kickers.

Detroit and Jacksonville kick off festivities at 7:30 on Friday. This is the closest we will come to real, actual NFL football until the regular season starts. So savor it, and hope nobody gets hurt. I'm not really concerned about Detroit's offense, at all, but I do hope the defense impresses in some fashion, if only for some possibly misplaced encouragement.