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NFL playoff expansion: Competition committee could add two teams to NFL playoffs

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to add more teams to the postseason.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to add more teams to the postseason.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

NFL playoff expansion is a hot topic and commissioner Roger Goodell seems to want it. The subject of expanding the NFL playoffs came up again on Friday (Jan. 31) while he was speaking to the press at a Super Bowl news conference. According to a report from Yahoo!, Goodell stated that the possibility of adding two teams to the football postseason is going to "continue to get serious consideration."

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Currently the postseason has six teams from each conference, consisting of the four division winners and two wild card teams each. The top two division winners get first round byes and the other four teams play in the wild card round on each side of the bracket. Under one version of the new proposal, each conference would add another wild card team to the mix. This would change it so that only the teams with the best record in the NFC and AFC would get a first round bye.

Goodell noted that this could make games more meaningful down the stretch and especially in Week 17 of the season. During the 2013 season, nearly every game in the final week held extreme importance to numerous teams, so it's isn't as though this would change the excitement level. What it does is add two additional teams to the postseason and possibly helps to create more revenue for the league by adding two extra games to the postseason.

The NFL playoff expansion will be debated during the offseason by the league's competition committee, with the potential that it could actually go into place for the 2014 season.

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