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NFL offseason officially begins for Ravens

Will Terrell Suggs still be a Raven in 2014?
Will Terrell Suggs still be a Raven in 2014?
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With Seattle's rout of Denver in the Super Bowl, the NFL offseason officially gets underway for all teams, including the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have a lot of work to do, but at least they have filled out their coaching staff by hiring Gary Kubiak to be the new offensive coordinator and allowing him to bring along other position coaches.

The Ravens need to figure out how to manage their tricky salary cap situation, which likely starts with a decision on Terrell Suggs. It's expected that the Ravens try to work out an extension to lower his cap number, but if he balks, I doubt the team would hesitate to cut him.

Kubiak needs to get on the same page with the rest of his staff and John Harbaugh to start figuring out the offensive system going forward.

The team will also need to figure out where Kelechi Osemele and Ray Rice stand on recovering from their injuries as they will be two key players for the offense heading into 2014.

There is also the continuing preparation for the NFL Draft, which takes on even more significance this year with the Ravens having a few less picks but selecting higher than usual in each round. The team has some real needs on both sides of the ball that needed to be addressed, particularly on offense.

On another note, while Seattle's defensive performance in the Super Bowl was about as impressive as it gets, all of the comparisons to the '85 Bears and 2000 Ravens is a bit much.

Seattle has a very good defense, but it isn't as good as that Ravens defense, which set the record for fewest points allowed in a season. That defense also allowed just 23 points in four playoff games, with 7 of those coming on a kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

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