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NFL not only good for watching games, but keeping kids healthy

Children Playing
Children Playing

The Superbowl is on our shoulders as the Indianapois Colts are going to play against the New Orleans Saints in Miami Sunday. The NFL has done something this season that is good for children who want to stay healthy and this is the NFL 60. The NFL 60 is an organization tackled to stop child obesity (  There are three benefits in this program. One to get children interested by taking the most outstanding kid who shows the most play  to the Superbowl, the second goal is for them to set personal goals, and the third goal is to get children outside.

The goal for each child is to go outside and play the most, the child who shows they play the most, becomes the 2009 NFL Play 60 Super kid and will be able to  run on the field with the game ball and kick off the Superbowl. Wesley Warren 7, is this years NFL 60 Super kid ( Along with running the ball out in the field to kick off the big game, she will also be a Kid Reporter for NFLRUSH,com taking place in NFL Play 60 Kids' Day as a reoprter and will be featured on Cartoon Network ( The NFL Play 60 will also Involve all NFL players who are playing in the Pro Bowl to build an adaptive play - space for physically challenged children (

This may really motivate children to go outside and play each day and participate in this organization. The perks are amazing as they have the possibility of running out of the tunnel in front of thousands of fans at the Superbowl. This is a real smart organization brought up by the NFL because it also features current NFL players like Peyton Manning telling kids to go out and play. For a role model such as him to say that, it will certainly cause kids to go out and play. Along with that, they have personal goals that they can set, such as running a mile in under ten minutes or riding their bike down the big, intimidating hill in their neighborhood.  

The last reason why this is good is to get children out of the house. When NFL players tell children to go out and play, they will want to get out of the house and play. If only more organizations had such a program to involve children the way the NFL does, The country would be far less obese.

The NFL 60 Program is an amazing program and the reasons of being THE KID who, show the most and running out in the Superbowl, setting personal goals, and getting out of the house and enjoying life.