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NFL Highest Paid Players of 2013

Since our Tennessee Titans, Nashville's hometown team, are now out of the hunt for Super Bowl champs for 2013, we've been looking at other NFL news, while watching the NFL playoffs this week.

We've found news on the attached video on 'NFL Highest Paid Players of 2013' and we are somewhat surprised at the names and numbers on the list of the NFL highest paid American football team members.

One of our favorites is on the enclosed list, but Peyton Manning was not the top earner, although in our book, he's certainly one of the top players, and we are still wishing our Tennessee Titans hometown Nashville team had managed to snare him when he was picking and choosing which of the NFL teams he would play for a couple years ago.

Enter your comments at the bottom of this page to let us know if you are surprised at the names of the NFL highest paid football players, and also tell us who you pick in the current NFL playoffs to get to go to the big game in February 2014.

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