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NFL free agency: Dallas Cowboys need to play fair with DeMarcus Ware

Dallas Cowboys need to play fair with DeMarcus Ware
Dallas Cowboys need to play fair with DeMarcus Ware
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL free agency period starts tomorrow and the Dallas Cowboys don’t have enough money to pick up anyone of worth this year. According to the team’s official website on March 10, the Dallas Cowboys are in no hurry to do anything with DeMarcus Ware at this time even though it could free up a lot of money.

While Dallas will wait until Ware is ready to make a decision about taking a pay cut or not, there is almost a guarantee that the Cowboys will cut Miles Austin very soon, possibly by Wednesday. That will save them about $5 million in cap money but they won’t be able to touch that money until after June 1, and it will go towards paying their draft picks.

Because of that, Dallas has about $2 million in available money for this year’s free agent signings, which means they can pick up two or three minor players for the minimum, but they can’t bring in any weapons that will really help the team on a large scale.

The only way to do that would be if DeMarcus Ware took a pay cut, which would save Dallas about $7.5 million to spend this offseason. With Jason Hatcher almost definitely leaving the team for what looks like an $8 to $10 million deal somewhere else, Ware is suddenly someone that Dallas won’t want to lose.

What is interesting to note is that the reason Ware’s contract is so enormous this year is because he has always reworked his deal to help Dallas. In 2011, he was only paid $685,000. That was because Dallas promised they would make up for it later down the line. That time is here and Dallas can’t afford it and want to take it back.

The Dallas Cowboys will now wait to let Ware and the team figure out how to make sure he gets what he deserves without hurting the team in 2014.

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