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NFL executive calls Jadeveon Clowney spoiled and lazy

As the 2014 NFL draft nears, we’ll hear more and more about the flaws of future NFL players. However, most of these flaws are made up and make believe assaults of a persons character by unnamed NFL executives.

Clowney amazed scouts with his natural laziness.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jadeveon Clowney wants to be No.1 pick.

Therefore, there was no surprise that Jadeveon Clowney was attacked by an anonymous source over the weekend. Not one of these executives ever had a rough day in their life, and they are fat cats, sitting back using words like bullets from a sniper’s rifle. We never see it coming, and we never know who’s taking these shots. How bold of these NFL execs that fail more than a great baseball player.

According to via, this unnamed executive called Jadeveon “spoiled and lazy.” He continues to say that Clowney never worked hard a day in his life. My guess is that it was tough for this unnamed character to attack a black athlete with the same useless spiel that this country was built on.

Aldon Smith charged with making false bomb threat.

Some may think it’s all fun and games in hopes that Clowney’s draft stock may fall. However, these NFL personnel people are the lowest form of scum on the earth. If you don’t think he can play, say that Jadeveon Clowney can’t play. Otherwise, Mr. NFL exec needs to shut his mouth.

The executive admits that Jadeveon Clowney will be a high pick, but he’ll disappoint whatever team he goes to. He states, “some team will fall in love with him. But wait and see, just wait and see.” That’s great insight by someone afraid to put their name to a statement.

As CBS Sports noted, at least Nolan Nawrocki’s dumb and misinformed scouting reports come with a name attached. Still, let's not think these biased opinions don't have an affect on the overall draft stock.

No matter how anybody plays, the narrative on players will stay the same. The white guy will continue to be the smart overachiever, while the black guy had all this natural ability and never worked hard.

The problem is how easy it is to believe that a black player is spoiled, lazy and doesn't work hard.

Hey NFL, you keep with the lies and I’ll keep calling you out.


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