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NFL Draft: Jadeveon Clowney goes first, Manziel drops to late first round

The Houston Texans went the conventional route on Thursday night. After all of the talk about Jadeveon Clowney this past year, the consensus number one pick was too hard to pass up when the NFL draft started.

Houston has no problem taking Clowney
Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Houston wasted no time taking the South Carolina standout, and the possibilities of teaming him up with J.J. Watt were too hard to ignore. This could be terrible news for the rest of the NFL and AFC South in particular.

Jadeveon Clowney stated that he had “no idea” that Houston was going to take him until he received the phone call in the green room.

Johnny Manziel was hoping to go overall No. 1, but once he didn’t, there was real chance that he could drop out of the top 10. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened for the Heisman Trophy winner.

The Cleveland Browns always had their sights on Manziel, but they weren’t willing to draft him at the fourth spot. Instead, the Browns traded down with Buffalo and they quickly snatched up Sammy Watkins.

There was a chance Cleveland could have gotten Watkins and Manziel the way the draft panned out, but earlier in the night it wasn’t a certainty. With the trade, they drafted corner back Justin Gilbert out Oklahoma State.

Cleveland was always in the mindset of getting a shutdown corner this year. Still, that was one of the spots where the people thought Johnny should go. However, once Manziel was passed on again, the prevailing thought was that Dallas would take him at 16.

Yet, Dallas did the most non Cowboys thing ever and drafted offensive lineman Zack Martin out of Notre Dame. Johnny Manziel looked ready made to wear a Dallas uniform, but it didn't happen.

At that moment, it gave Cleveland a chance to move up with their second first round pick. The Browns moved up to No. 22 and dropped the hammer on the league with their pick of Johnny Manziel.

During his walk up, Manziel looked focused and determined to win the starting quarterback job.

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