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NFL and Fashion: Display Detroit and Deter Debate while Creating Comfort

Cute and Simple=Comfortable
Cute and Simple=Comfortable

The New Orleans Saints won Superbowl XLIV two days ago.  One of the biggest games of the year, earning the highest ratings of most television shows, it seems unlikely that anyone wouldn't know the Superbowl's result.  However, no matter how much one follows the NFL, one thing he/she should know is that the Detroit Lions were not the Saints' opponent.  The question then may become:  "What is this article doing on a fashion page?"  That answer can be explained quite simply.


Those that are fans of the NFL may love to show his/her support for his/her favorite team.  The best way to do this, especially if chatting with strangers doesn't sound particularly appealing or if it sounds bizarre to randomly chime, "I LOVE the Lions!", is by sporting the team apparel/logo.  It is incredibly easy to stumble across a Lions tee in the local Meijer/Walmart for less than $20 for those who aren't die-hard fans with blue and white flowing through their bloodstream and don't have the eternal belief that someday the Lions will in fact win a Superbowl.  However, it is these types of fans that should run, not walk, to the nearest computer  to visit or to Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi to Champs Sports or Lids.  In any of these locations it is quite possible to find jerseys, player specific pieces and even quality baseball caps/visors.

The Perfect Time of Year

Now, is the perfect time of year to show one's support for an NFL team, because the past season is over.  It will be highly unlikely for anyone to trash-talk one's favorite team when its off-season and there are no current statistics to bring up, just ones from previous years when chances are his/her team wasn't necessarily number one in any conference either.  So display the tee purchased while grocery shopping at Meijer/Walmart or the jersey given to you from your spouse for Valentine's Day and do not fear the sports debacle/confrontation from another team's fan.


This time of year, almost springtime, is also the perfect time to be comfortable.  There is something about a dark sky when it rains that makes the whole world want to lay around the house instead of trek out in the wet, damp, and gloomy atmosphere.  But on those opportune clear and dry days, what better excuse than to go shopping!  A new pair of jeans, a cross-strap purse, and a sexy pair of heels or even the cutest pair of tennis shoes would accentuate one's new sports piece(s) perfectly and won't look like drab comfort either. 

Dare to impress in the rainy season to come in a way that won't ruin suede pieces, will allow one's personality to show and will encourage physical activity simultaneously.


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