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Nexxus Pro-mend for help with split ends

Sometimes simplicity is best. Then sometimes you get what you pay for. What do these clichés have to do with hair care? Pro-Mend by Nexxus is a fairly simple yet somewhat pricey option on the market that truly can reduce your breakage and heal your split ends.

Mend your split ends!
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In a search to fix over processed, over styled and ravaged strands of hair, stylist usually result to trimming (i.e. cutting) to repair the damage. Many have accepted that they must start over once ends begin to split and begin to break. Unfortunately, this is usually the case, but there is help.

Nexxus has a line called Pro-mend which is packaged in a very plain container with no bells and whistles. A muted silver-ish gray and blue bottle could be overlooked on the shelf but if one looks closely they can find this product line nearly anywhere from Target, to Walmart to CVS. However, to be a super market/drug store find, it is slightly pricey. The prices vary a bit from store to store, but the average price of shampoo is roughly $10-$12 and the conditioner ranges from $13-$16. With that said, on any given day many products can be snagged from online stores like eBay or Amazon for a deal for much less and often if you are willing to buy in bulk or multiples you can achieve an even better deal. Price aside, the health of hair, one’s crowning glory is priceless to most people. If a product system works, it is worth its weight in gold, especially since so many lines are simply duds and do not deliver on their promises.

Nexxus Pro-mend has a few products in the line, but the two winners are the Shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is smooth and pearly. It lathers on the first wash, even on dirty hair. It gets the hair shiny and there is no grassy, straw like feeling prior to applying the conditioner.

The conditioner is hands down in the top 5 of best moisturizing conditioners for the price. First, it smells awesome which invigorates the senses and helps to relieve stress. Second, it smooths on like silk. Fortunately, it does not require using the entire bottle to achieve good results. When left on for 5-10 minutes and rinsed, the hair is left soft, shiny and manageable.

The best part of the Pro-mend shampoo, conditioner combo is it does what it says (at least somewhat). Indications say that you should use this product daily to achieve optimum results. Unfortunately, some cannot wash their hair daily therefore it may take longer to notice the benefits for those people who must be relegated to weekly shampooing. If consumers with oilier hair and the ability to wash daily use this product as directed they should see hair benefits much more quickly.

Wet hair is always most fragile, but this Pro-mend conditioner seems to add a “coating” to the hair that allows the comb to slip through without much friction. There is not a lot of shedding and breakage afterward and it definitely leaves hair feeling stronger and healthier.

Once hair is styled, one is able to see an immediate difference. The hair looks much shinier intrinsically. It feels smoother and is not left with the “shattered” appearance that hair with split ends often presents.

Finally, regular end trimmings are a necessary evil. Even the healthiest hair requires this kind of maintenance. It is unavoidable. The ends of the hair are the oldest, most damaged, most abused part of the hair. So incremental, frequent, small trims will help stave off the need for a big chop if that is not your desire or in the event you are trying to grow hair out.

Pro-mend is a very good passive adjunct to the fore mentioned trims that could save hair in the long run. It even works well on virgin hair that has not been processed, colored or otherwise damaged. It can help as a preventive treatment to avoid damage. Pro-mend can be used as a first step to starting healing hair that has been severely damaged.

There is nothing - no product on the market that can completely “mend” split ends or save damaged hair that is beyond the point of “no return”. Unfortunately, we all know the ultimate answer to that problem, but a wise person can spot the damage that has begun to spiral out of control before it goes too far, and in this case Pro-mend could really prove to be an asset.

Check out the video a the beginning of the article from the Rachael Ray Show to find some general some general information proper shampoo/conditioner techniques.

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