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Next week's Birmingham events! August 1-6, 2011

Here we are wrapping up July, and looking into what August has to offer by way of non-mainstream spiritual goings on in the Birmingham area.

In addition to the regular fantastic yoga schedules of Studio G, The Yoga Circle, Birmingham Yoga, and Heartwood, a couple of extra goodies are in store for you. (Go to their websites to get an updated class schedule!)

Yoga ambassador Shannon Skipper just posted yesterday about the Kirtan Satsang drumming and chanting circle that will be held at the Pink House for the last time on Wednesday night. This has been going on for quite some time, and the new location is not yet determined (or maybe just not revealed). This is a time for people of all ranges of musical talent to get together and chant, drum, move about, or just absorb the energy that flows as the others do. You don't even have to be a singer or musically inclined to join in! This event has been held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Pink House in Forest Park from 7:30-9:00. The idea is that practicing Bhakti Yoga (pure spiritual devotion) will get us in union with God; and that since God is love and gathering with others with like minds spreading love is a good thing, why wouldn't people join in? The participants gather and sing or chant in both English and Sanskrit, sharing love and moving the incredible energy that is alive and well within us. Being in a group like this reminds a person of the Oneness of all of this human existence. Wherever two or more are gathered... ( for questions) This event is free, but donations are accepted for honoring space given by The Pink House.

Local teacher Suzanne Graham will also have an event: Yoga Nidra. She normally teaches at Studio G in Homewood, but The Yoga Circle in Southside is the absolute best place for a Friday night of deep relaxation and journeying. Held from 6:00-7:30, Suzanne's voice will lead you right to the edge of sleep, into the subconscious, where most of our issues are worked out, and encourage you to see things that are beyond our normal scope of sight. No yoga experience or knowledge is even needed here; this is more of a relaxation technique than anything, although a few gentle poses are done initially in order to wake up the energy systems and allow them to flow freely for optimal experiences. She needs to know whether or not to expect you, so contact her at 223-7281. The charge is $20.

Later this month will be the second MedMob event to be held at a governmental building. What is MedMob? It's a public display of meditators! The first one in our area was last night at UAB's West Pavilion. There were only about ten people participating, but it was a great start! We all introduced ourselves, got on our cushions and sat. Marlynn, our local organizer, had a poster project board up explaining all the benefits of meditation for any passersby who wondered what the heck we were up to. After 20 minutes of sitting, we did walking meditation for about ten, then finished our hour up with more sitting. It brought together meditators of different styles and traditions, and reminded us that meditating in groups can be more powerful than alone sometimes. Stay tuned for more! And with questions, email Marlynn at or see or find it on Facebook.

September has a lot of opportunities ranging from Thai Yoga Massage Certification at Heartwood, to Reiki training at Birmingham Yoga. And please don't forget the Global Mala Project! More info will follow as it's made available!


Laurie M. Knight is just a soul who thrives connecting with others of like mind and spirit.


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