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Next version of KitKat may be programmed to defeat rooted apps

Rooting an Android Phone
Rooting an Android Phone

One of the joys of owning an Android device is its open operating system which allows anyone to “root” or jailbreak their phones or tablets.

By gaining access to the inner workings of the Android system, this means special apps can be run only on rooted phones. The advantage of doing this is to gain access to powerful and useful features not normally available to users of unrooted phones.

But rumors are circulating that Android 4.5, or the next edition of the operating system otherwise known as KitKat, may have its code specifically changed to lock out apps that run on rooted Android devices.

The source
The rumors come from “Chainfire,” the handle or screen name of an experienced Android app developer and programmer. On, Chainfire took a peek at the coding of Android 4.5 KitKat and saw something unusual.

He found out that a reserved area of RAM, where most rooted apps are placed for operation, were locked out or prevented from being accessed by the Android 4.5. A good many popular rooted apps, theoretically, would not run any longer.

Breaking tradition
The Android operating system is an open source code, which basically means that device manufacturers can modify the OS to their specific needs and wants.

However, with Google releasing a version of Android that possibly could defeat apps for rooted phones and tablets, the company may be stepping away from allowing app developers to access “super user” access to the system.

A work around
Popular apps for rooted Android devices such as Titanium Backup, Juice Defender, Root Explorer, ROM Manager, and Tasker could all be affected by the software code change.

But Chainfire has already taken steps to get around the possible roadblock by offering ways for app developers to fix the problem, if the final release of Android 4.5, indeed, has the lockout routine.

Chainfire says that even if this condition may not surface with Android 4.5, it’s probably better to be prepared now than be sorry afterwards.

Source: International Business Times

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