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Album Cover
Album Cover

Out on the streets where hip-hop was born, comes a young rapper with an impeccable flow and a creative production team that could show up most producers in the industry. The number of underground rappers in New York is outstanding, but only few are worth mentioning. Doley Bernays is one of those few.

Mr. Bernays comes from the only burrough in NYC that demands ‘THE’ before being introduced. THE Bronx. Doley comes from uptown known as ‘Darkside.’ His voice is reminiscent of a young Jay Z or a Meek Mills with its high frequency tinge that demands urgency. His music can be considered backpack mixed with street. Doley raps the truth, attempting to uplift people and rap words that matter along with preserving the tough persona that is required with running on the streets of the Bronx.

There still are references to money and hoes in his rhymes but it is not the main focus of his music. As he puts it in his interview with Blowhiphoptv, ‘I’m here to move millions with a song.’ Doley brings in poverty, violence and love as subject matters and gives light to his inner conflicts within the environment he dwells.

In September of 2013, Doley Bernays released his second EP titled ‘Just In Case’ with MP Williams as his producer. The EP sounds more like an album with 12 songs. The highlight of the EP comes with the production by MP Williams with songs like ‘Till We Fall’ and ‘Blessed.’ MP Williams is most famous for producing ‘Ghetto Symphony’ on A$AP Rocky’s album ‘Long Live A$AP,’ and this is only the beginning of his career.

Along with the amazing production, Doley's skills with words does not go unnoticed. Doley’s words have a way to strike and leave their mark on the track. He paints a story while spitting in double and sometimes even triple time. The combination of the production and rapping talent makes ‘Just In Case’ an EP a must download and both Doley Bernays and MP Williams two individuals to watch in the hip hop industry.

Favorite songs on EP: ‘Till We Fall,’ ‘Raise Your Weapon,’ and ‘Blessed’

Download the EP:

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