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Next time your in Montreal...

An old classic with questionable service.
An old classic with questionable service.

Le Club Chasse et Peche (The Hunting and Fishing Club) reopened in 2005 and has received fairly strong reviews.  The food is deserving of praise, the service not so much.

It has a long history and is located on a side street in the old quarter of Montreal. The interior is fairly dark and suitable for a romantic dinner or a quite dinner with friends.

We felt very welcome upon arrival. Quick attention upon entry and quickly led to our table.

As with many Quebec natives you should always attemp your greeting or pleasantries in french. Doing so, I believe, conveys respect and a willingness to integrate as much as possible. Many will recognize quickly if it is not your first language and will immediately switch to english. Such was the case with our waiter but the switch was accompanied by a slight sneer. And I swear he gave an ever-so-small upward turn of his nose.

After greetings were exchanged he seemed to be interested in helping us understand the details of the menu (it was in english) and the specials. He was moderately engaged and we appreciated his knowledge. We thought we were off to a decent start, but the 45 minute wait between app and entree, the 15 minute wait for my empty wine glass to be refilled was just unacceptable.

Now, don't get me wrong. Both of my hands work just fine.  I can pour a glass of wine. However, this is a fine-dining restaurant. The wine I ordered was $150, they decanted it for me and even gave us noticably nicer glasses than tables around us. At this price level one does not pour their own bottle. Attentiveness, without intrusiveness, should be the order of the day (and included in the price).

The food? It was very much above average. I had the appetizer of "foie gras-duck sausage-apple pie." The duck sausage was the size of a cocktail weiner a touch too dry for my liking but the foie? Amazing.

My entree was a 6 ounce serving of Wagyu beef. As a general rule I don't order steak in a restaurant because it's too easy to buy a nice piece of meat and cook it yourself. This was an excepetion because it is difficult to find Wagyu (or Kobe) beef in a retail butcher shop. The waiter informed me it was $15 an ounce and there was a 4 ounce minimum order. It was the best piece of steak I've ever had. For once I can actually say with a straight face, it was like butter. It was so good that I refused a piece of my wife's venison because I didn't want to disturb the flavor on my tounge.

At this point we'd been sitting for 2.5 hours. Not an unusaully long time. Heck, I've sat at dinner for 5 hours and had no reason to complain because the company was wonderful AND so was the service. At some point in our meal our waiter just checked out. There seemed to be plelnty of other waiters so I don't believe they were short handed.

We would have tried a dessert but became so disenchanted by the service and attitude that we left. Such a shame because the food was almost perfect.

For more information:

Le Club Chasse et Peche
423, rue St-Claude
Montreal, QC
+1 (514) 861-1112


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