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Next Thing You Know They’ll be Parking on the Roof

Car illegally parked on the back lawn right next to the Village Hall’s driveway.
Car illegally parked on the back lawn right next to the Village Hall’s driveway.

The parking mess at Bob Webster’s rental house at 57 State Street keeps getting worse and worse.

There are simply too many cars for the driveway.

Over the weekend Bob Webster’s tenants started parking on the newly excavated front lawn of his rental house at 57 State Street. Yesterday, they took it one step further.

The seven stones Bob Webster put down to keep his tenants from parking on the front lawn were tossed aside. A minivan was parked on the excavated portion of the illegally expanded driveway and another car was parked on the back lawn almost on the village property.

It almost looks like the car parked in the back yard may have hit one of the poles on the property line behind the house.

That car is parked on the back lawn right next to the driveway for the Village Hall and directly across from the entrance to the Village Hall.

Granted, it was Labor Day so nobody was working in the Village Hall, but the longer this goes on you have to wonder if anyone in the Village Hall is working to resolve this issue at all.

And you have to wonder what Bob Webster’s tenants at 57 State Street are going to do next.

The house has six bedrooms, and it isn’t unusual to see eight cars parked in that driveway and on the lawn. What are Bob Webster’s tenants going to do if they have a party or invite someone over for dinner?

Maybe they’ll start parking on the Village property next door at the Village Hall. That’s only a matter of parking a few inches from where they‘re already parking on the back lawn.

Or maybe they’ll get Bob Webster to build a plywood ramp and they’ll start parking on the roof.

Don’t put it past them.

Just four and a half blocks away, the students renting the house at 32 College Street have turned the porch roof into a mini-bar with four chairs (including one on wheels) and a small American Flag.

How long before that chair with wheels rolls off the porch roof, and a college student goes over the edge with it? How long before the Brockport Ambulance Corps has to rush another SUNY student to the hospital?

That house is only two houses west of The Roxbury, where 18 year old Bryan Parslow of Caledonia, a SUNY Brockport student, was paralyzed in September 2008 when he fell out of a second-floor bathroom window during an off-campus frat party.

The slumlords know that, but the college students don’t, and it’s doubtful that the slumlords tell them. They never tell them about the garbage rules, where you can only put your garbage out 24 hours before pick-up. So why would they tell their tenants about Bryan Parslow?

Parslow wound up suing the landlord, Norm Giancursio, and the slumlords don’t want to be sued. It’s easier for them to ignore the situation and hope that the student who falls off the roof only breaks an arm or a leg.

That’s what Bob Webster is doing about the gross parking situation at 57 State Street. He’s ignoring the problem and hoping that people give up asking the Village to do something about it.

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