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Next stop: Hollywood Bowl


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 The Hollywood Bowl is one of the finest amphitheatres in the country. Capacity is over 17,000 people and it hosts the some of the best concerts and fireworks displays the city has to offer. The line-up of talented acts ranges from local musicians to legendary rockers like Paul McCartney (bring your wallet if you want to see Macca, tickets are $375!). The backdrop is a fantastic view of the Hollywood Hills. Each event can be memorable for the crowd in attendance any given night. It truly is a special cultural and historical landmark, but there is one caveat in going to the Bowl for an event: going to and from the venue.

The scenic view inside the theatre is a big part of the allure of going to the see a show at the Bowl. Outside the gates however, the traffic pattern around encompassing the theatre is set up in an awkward manner. The Hollywood Bowl is right off the 101 freeway and just up the street from an often congested intersection heading down towards Hollywood Boulevard from Highland Avenue. Daily traffic is slow going around this area during rush hours and can grind to a halt on the day of a show.

A solution was recently to my attention by music fan that lives in that part of town. A resident of building in close proximity to the Hollywood Bowl emphatically voiced her desire for a metro station on the Red Line that would greatly ease traffic around the venue. When one looks at the map, a stop at the amphitheatre makes a lot of sense. The subway is very measured when going along Hollywood Boulevard, with stop relatively equidistant at Hollywood/Western, Hollywood/Vine and Hollywood/Highland. The space between those stops is a little less than a mile. A stop at the Hollywood Bowl would be consistent in distance with its preceding three stops. After that, the Red Line travels nearly two and a half miles to reach its next stop at Universal City.

People attending a show at the Bowl currently have a few different options to get there, but none are ideal. The first and most obvious is to drive there, which is both expensive (parking) and time-consuming due to the fight with traffic. The second option is to take the metro to Hollywood/Highland and board a shuttle bus to the theatre. This is a bit clumsy. It is an additional transfer to get to the show and more waiting for people who are going out to have a good time. The third option is to walk the roughly mile long distance (uphill) from Hollywood/Highland to the entrance.

The ideal future scenario would it be to have a metro station next to the site. The location would be a short walk from the seating area. People attending the show would not have to worry about the unpredictability of traffic which could cause them to be late for a concert that they paid serious money to attend. Motorists passing by the Hollywood Bowl would be spared the knots in traffic as they drive by the amphitheatre on the day of an event.


  • Tina Townsend 5 years ago

    Fantastic idea! The traffic around the hollywood bowl is to the point of turning people off from going. Reasonable, usable public transportation is good for the economy.

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