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Next 'RHOA' housewife to be Kandi Burruss' mom Mama Joyce?!?!

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Will Mama Joyce be holding a peach soon? Kandi Burruss' mom has provided much of the drama and outrageousness for season six of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," even more so than some of the housewives, so it's not hard to imagine her as a starring housewife for season seven of the hit show. Surprisingly, given their tumultuous relationship, Kandi herself thinks that her mom would make a great housewife and seems to have no objections to her joining the show.

In an interview with Bravo, posted on Wednesday, April 30, Kandi was asked whether she thinks her mom would make a great housewife. Kandi responded with a resounding yes. She explained that her mom would make a great housewife because she "takes the drama to the 10th power" and "needs a camera around her at all times."

Viewers of the show have certainly seen Mama Joyce go crazy and make situations unnecessarily chaotic. She objected fiercely to Kandi marrying Todd Tucker. She even once threatened physical violence against Kandi's best friend because she thought she was having an affair with Todd. The drama didn't stop there. At the reunion show, Mama Joyce shocked everyone again when she tried justifying trying to control Kandi's life and spending her money.

While Kandi thinks that her mom would be a great housewife, others are vehemently opposed to the idea. Some of the show's fans replied to the interview to say that having Mama Joyce as a housewife is a horrible idea. As has happened all season long, many also wrote in to tell Kandi how horrible her mother is and to stick up for herself.

While it's questionable whether Mama Joyce has any real chance of being a starring housewife on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," she will definitely be seen in a starring role in Kandi Burruss' wedding spin-off. A sneak peek of the series, which premieres Sunday, June 1, shows Mama Joyce, as usual, battling it out with everyone. She even gets into it with Todd's mom. However, unlike Kandi, Todd's mom fights right back, standing up and yelling, "You got the wrong one now b***h!" after Mama Joyce loses it. Looks like Mama Joyce has finally met her match.