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Next recovery step a slow and heavy revival

Return to a thriving economy workers take up progress coming.
Return to a thriving economy workers take up progress coming.San Diego County; Adam Benjamin (layout)

Builders started 2014 off ready to set up building projects across San Diego. Steady work bids in the fields rising up, healthcare, tourism, and, the restored home building markets, save an economy the local experts who met Friday, the 17th, at the annual county Economic Roundtable told San Diego leaders they can count on taking another bound back after a full length high returns recovery last year.

Productivity gains local workers line up, and gain the above average wins on, month by month, can build up the recovery plans that open up jobs locals low in work productivity can take to step up the fields productivity. County Supervisor Diane Jacobs told the roundtable crowd the economic recovery counts for a lot in San Diegans' lives. "The state of the economy drives our daily lives." She looked ahead to a year the field gains climb higher and give "how we work" a lift. Do not hesitate to give local workers the most productive work they can handle.

Job openings and hirings came in lower than roundtable expert Marne Cox's 20,000 jobs estimate. This year, he predicts 20,000 jobs again. SDSU professor Alan Gin predicts 25,000. Strengthened tourism and multi-family home building markets make the time full work productivity returns to local fields close. Only short years away. Housing permits in the county returned to a level near the strong 10,000 a year San Diego was used to. 8,000 permits in 2013. Far above 2012's 3,000.

County government is "in sound fiscal shape," said Jacobs. Building opportunities and business growth opportunities the county supports will grow the local enterprise that keeps local workers in productive jobs. The county already put 20,000 workers to work on over 70 projects.

Gin predicts the county to add jobs that will lower the unemployment rate stronger than national employment. Six percent unemployment is an open target.

Put stock in spending dollars after the work productivity that earnes workers income builds back up. Labor adds productivity at any time there is work to do. Spending takes guaranteed income. Per capita income will "slowly build up," as Cox reports. Look to San Diegans to contribute their work now. And get paid well again later. After the economy recovers.

In 2014, available workers make a recovery that never stops its productivity gains a guaranteed opportunity. Busy work in the big jobs gains fields, and in the hard driving, but behind, construction field will make strong recovery plans work out in the end.

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