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Next month in Nashville: The Barstool Monologues

On November 9th, Mike Cullison and The Regulars will be performing a special staged presentation of the songs and stories from the new album The Barstool Monologues. The event, being called "A Honkey-Tonk Canterbury Tales", will be held at 7:00 p.m. at The Building, 1008C Woodland Street, East Nashville. Audience specials for the evening include souvenir scripts as well as Barstool Monologues drink coasters while supplies last. The production will be also be videotaped.

The Barstool Monologues
Gregg Roth

Cullison, who is the author or co-author of all the songs from the album, has been hailed by critics as "Country the way Country used to be". In the production, he plays the role of the Bartender "Hollis", while the cast of "The Regulars" is performed by a quite a variety of singers and musicians, which I've listed below.

The unique show is described best in the press-release I found this week in my inbox:

"In The Barstool Monologues, Nashville-based Cullison weaves the lives of bar patrons into songs, then threads those songs together with short spoken-word narratives to create a vivid musical tableau: There’s the heartbroken lover, the fracturing couple, the other woman, the lonely imbiber ... each introduced by a bartender named Hollis who sees and hears it all. Various singers inhabit their personas, spinning musical novellas."

Brent Fleury, from Bold Life, says this about the production:

“He does a great job painting this picture of this little roadhouse and the lives of its regulars. It draws the listener in, allowing us the opportunity to see behind the curtain of the world from where he draws his musical inspiration.”

Chuck Dauphin, of Music News Nashville, calls Cullison

" of Nashville's most respected tunesmiths".

The Musicians and cast for The Barstool Monologues, are as follows:

  • Mike Cullison, Vocals (aka “Hollis”, Owner/Bartender at “The Oasis”), (has written with Johnny Neel of The Allman Brothers, No. 1 country hit writer Don Goodman, and Crosby Stills & Nash veteran Mike Stergis)
  • Mark Robinson, Guitar and Vocals / (also Producer of the CD; debut album is critically acclaimed 'Quit Your Job - Play Guitar'; has played and guested with Tommy Womack, Davis Raines, Walt Wilkins, Johnny Neel, Tracy Nelson)
  • David Wood, Steel Guitar (has played with Lorie Morgan, Joe Diffie, and Doug Stone)
  • Jon Byrd, Vocals / (most recent album is the critically acclaimed "Down at the Well of Wishes": "Americana the way it was and the way it should be" --MOJO Magazine)
  • Davis Raines, Vocals / (well known Nashville songwriter with cuts by Walt Wilkins, Kenny Rogers, Pam Tillis; his most recent album "Santa Maria Hotel" has been called "a gem")
  • Lisa Oliver-Gray, Vocals / (sings with Tommy Womack and many others, including Will Kimbrough, Bonnie Bishop, Marshall Chapman; new CD “Dedicated to Love” has been called “compelling and distinctive”)

For more information on the show you can call 615-975-9465. You can also learn more about Mike Cullison, at his website:

It is suggested that you mark this special event on your calendar--it's not everyday that Music City plays host to a "honky-tonk Canterbury Tales."

--Ken Utterback is a long-time musician who writes a blog on MySpace as well as the occasional essay for other publications. You can email Ken at:

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