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Next Level Pilates with Balls and Bands

Adding challenge to your Pilates mat routine can be as simple as infusing small accessory items like mini balls and flat bands to your Pilates workout.

Mini Balls- Shoulder Bridge Prep/Shoulder Bridge
Tone your hamstrings while strengthening your core muscles with the Shoulder Bridge Prep and Shoulder Bridge exercises. These exercises are performed with small soft mini balls.

Shoulder Bridge Prep
To perform this exercise, place the ball under the feet, align the spine, contract the abdominals then lift your hips as you press your feet in the mini ball, repeat for 4 reps return to the floor.

Shoulder Bridge
Repeat the steps above, keep the hips stable lift one foot from the ball, and then return it to the ball. Repeat this process on the other foot, return hips to the floor.

Flat Bands
Create a strong toned back, sleek arms, strong abdominals using the flat band to perform back rowing and the hundred exercises.

Back Rowing with Flat Bands
Start in a seated position; place the flat band around the balls of the feet. Holding the band in both hands, sit tall, slide the shoulder blades down pull the band to each side as you push the shoulders toward the mid-line, release and repeat for 4-5 reps.

The Hundred with Flat Band
This exercise helps to tone the triceps while strengthening the abdominals. To execute the exercise start supine (on your back), bend the knees to 90 degrees, place the flat band over the front of the ankles, flex your upper toward your knees, contract your abdominals, and pulling the band, inhale for five counts then exhale for five counts, repeat for a total of ten counts.

NOTE: Pulling the straps works the triceps muscles for a toned, sleek appearance.

Take your workout to the next level, strengthen, stabilize and get toned, get healthy.

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