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Next Generation Terror Deterrants

Agencies of the federal government have promoted the development of modern technology to protect the nation from terrorism. Several ambitious companies and government agencies have combined to develop novel technologies.

AIsight - Behavioural Recognition Systems Labs (BRS). Based out of Houston, Texas have developed a surveillance system to deter crime and terrorist acts before they can occur. This software learns through artificial intelligence by "learning" the normal behavioral patterns of a certain environment (i.e. a city street). Coordinated high resolution video cameras learn in detail what constitutes normal activity on the street by creating electronic memories of patterns over time. The software will alert the local authorities, DHS, FBI or other agencies to take the necessary action. Many cameras are used to learn the typical behaviour and identify the opposite.

Gorgon Stare - Carries a system of nine cameras attached to an unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone. The system transmits live videos of physical movement across an entire room (wide angle lens). It is mounted on a drone weighing 1,100 pounds with a cost of 17.5 million. Currently it is being tested in Afghanistan to track the movements of the Taliban. It also has civilian applications like fighting crime and terrorism, securing borders, and aiding in natural disasters. It has the ability of looking at a whole city.

Argus Is (Autonomous Real Time Ground Uhiquitous Surveillance Imaging System). It employs the world's largest resolution camera. The system can catch an object as small as 6 inches long from an altitude as high as 17,000 feet, and track everything across an entire medium sized city while mounted on a drone.
It has a 1.8 gigapixel camera that provides real time high resolution video over a large area and can also identify and track all moving objects. Tracking 65 individual target windows, it can be used for close up observation and can store up to 1 million terabytes of data each day, to enable the drone operator to go back in time to home in on a certain event in a special time and place.

Minds Eye (visual intelligence) - Has the ability to process information from images, prioritize them with refernce to it's goals (automatic learning, searching for suspects, and using other images to confirm it's findings). In the future the camera will not need a human operator to carry out it's mission. They will be mounted on drones for ground surveillance.

Biometrics - Measures and analyzes biological information. Analyze body characteristics such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and ireses, voice patterns, and facial recognition.

Long Distance Fingerprints - Development of a fingerprintiing system that can identify fingerprints 20 feet away. When coupled with biometric systems (including facial recognition), will be able to deny or give access to an area from a distance and alert law enforcement of a possible intruder.

Boss (Biometric Optical Surveillance System)- Automatically identify individuals in a crowd from their facial characteristics and match them up to a database. having two towers with robotic camera structures with infrared and distance sensors. Taking pictures of the same object from different angles, it creates a 3-D signature comparing it with data about faces stored on the watch list database. An offshoot is going to be a national mug shot database to help local authorities in identifying suspects.

New Camera developed by the Japanese has been developed into a new surveillance camera able to photograph a face, then search up to 36 million faces in it's database for a match in one second. The camera's software is also able to recognize a face turned vertically and horizontally away from the camera. Any image whether captured on a mobile phone, handheld camera, or a video still, can be uploaded and searched against the databases for matches.

A key concern for the agencies designing these systems will be how the terrorist can deter them. Terror groups with advanced knowledge are already looking into low tech ways of misleading these systems. Constant vigilance must be adhered to. Counter measure netware driven software incorporated into these systems (Cypher Warfare Systems Specific Software - CWSSS) should be designed. It's function is to block, deter, eliminate, locate, identify the threat, determine it's location, and particulars involved. It will be able to serve a military and civilian application. It incorporates bridging software between the systems for short/long periods of time for interagency interaction (with Presidential approval). Simulation should be accomplished using Monte Carlo simulation. This system can also be used to 1) lauch weapon systems, 2) block or jam incoming ballistic missiles (turn and head back to source), and 3) other future applications.

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