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Next generation staple made even uglier

Ugly Stik an Icon in today's fishing world
Ugly Stik an Icon in today's fishing world

For more than 100 years, fishing tackle manufacturers have equipped anglers of all skill levels, and sportsman alike with the tools of the trade. In terms of fishing equipment, tackle and gear, history has shown that the well-known tackle companies that have that so called brand name stamp are the ones that have essentially stood the test of time.

The all new GX2 from Ugly Stik

These top fishing tackle manufacturers had produced such a significant product that had ultimately developed into a staple in this industry, and throughout the years that product was fortune enough to have stayed on the shelves and continued to be marketable.

However, the sport has evolved into something more than just a leisure pastime and anglers have come to replicate the ways and techniques of professional anglers. With the advent of many new and exciting products coming to fruition these days, its becoming hard to keep old staples around and manufacturers will have to one-up their product line to keep competitive.

The Shakespeare Company, since 1897 has been a leader in quality, affordable fishing tackle. Their objective was simple; make fishing for the whole family easy and enjoyable. Shakespeare also wanted to offer something for anglers of all levels of experience.

In 1976 Shakespeare introduced the Ugly Stik, a rod that was made to be virtually indestructible due to its patented Howald Process construction and clear tip design. This line of fishing rods have been an icon to the fishing world and has developed into a staple for intermediate to experienced anglers as well, because it’s not only one of the toughest yet most sensitive of rods ever to be built, but because it’s such a quality rod for a such reasonable price.

Guides and Outfitters who know the Ugly Stik advantage have put these resilient rods into service for simple reasons, they generally are a good all-around rod for multi-species fishing, and can do the job for numerous applications. Ugly Stik rods can take a beating because they are tough, durable and hold up well despite the abuse they are sometimes subjected to.

For years fisherman have identified Ugly Stik rods by its clear tip design, which also provides super sensitivity, detecting the lightest of strikes and puts the extra strength right where it needs to be.

Ugly Stik rods come in many different sizes and actions to accomplish many different tasks and applications. The Ugly Stik rod retails for $29.99 but are on clearance through Shakespeare for $20.96 whiles supplies last.

In 1996 Shakespeare developed the Ugly Stik Lite, an upgraded version of the original Ugly Stik made with its legendary toughness and more sensitivity but lighter for various applications. With its Howald process triple-built blanks and added graphite, it allows for smaller diameters of rods to be used for the same applications that you would normally use a regular sized rod for.

Stainless steel guides, inserts and seat hood provides for extra durability. The distinct clear tip design and pro-style cork handle rounds off the Ugly Stik Lite, making it the choice of advanced anglers today.

The Ugly Stik Lite is becoming the new staple for advanced anglers because it combines a great balance of quality, design and value. The Ugly Stik Lite retails for $39.95 at most fishing outlets.

Now a new version of the Ugly Stik has hit the market. Enter the Ugly Stik GX2. This is a totally revamped version of the Ugly Stik brand that continues the legacy of the original, in terms of its legendary toughness and durability that goes way beyond a cosmetic face-lift.

The GX2 showcases a new modern look with sleeker rod design that features a matte black finish that’s accompanied with red and silver accents. The newly designed EVA grips features an etched Ugly Stik logo, giving it a visual that stands out proud.

The all new Ugly Tech construction and new blank through seat design combines graphite and fiberglass in a way to create a stronger more sensitive rod with better balance.

One of the things that Shakespeare took into account when re-designing the GX2 was listening to anglers. As a result, research pointed at developing an upgrade to the guides and Shakespeare responded by creating Ugly Tuff guides, which is a one-piece stamped stainless steel guide with no insert pop-outs. (The original has aluminum oxide inserts)

With all the many new features the Ugly Stik GX2 has incorporated into the next generation rod, one feature that stands alone and consequently could not be left out to continue the legacy of the original.

It’s the iconic Clear Tip design. Which not only delivers its own unique identity, but also provides for that extra strength at the right place when needed and outstanding sensitivity to detect that finesse bite.

Shakespeare continues to deliver a real value to the consumer with the GX2 retailing this new line starting at $39.95.

From an icon in the industry to the next generation in fishing rods, Shakespeare continues the legacy with its legendary and iconic Ugly Stik brand, creating yet another to-be staple in today’s fishing world.

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