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Next Gen 'GTA V' could be delayed until 2015

GTA V for PS4 could be delayed
GTA V for PS4 could be delayed
Rockstar Games

GTA V fans have been waiting for baited breath for the game to hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Rumors circulating on Thursday are claiming fans might have to wait longer than they first though.

New GTA V rumors seem to indicate Rockstar might have to delay the release of the next gen GTA V until early 2015. That would be a big disappointment for PS4 and Xbox One owners who thought they were going to get to play GTA V on their consoles this fall.

Rockstar first announced the next generation GTA V at this June’s E3 and said it would be ready for the fall. The fact that there is still no official release date seems to indicate a delay has indeed happened. is one of the bigger sites that is pushing talk of a GTA V delay.

CVG pointed out that there really hasn’t been anything said about GTA V since they announced the version of the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The website also pointed out that last time Rockstar was rolling out a Grand Theft Auto game, they were allowing people to preview the title months ahead of time.

GTA V has been out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for almost a year now and there have been rumors of a next gen version almost since the current gen version was released. Rockstar hadn’t been commenting until this June.

It is of course possible that Rockstar simply doesn’t believe it needs to let people preview the newest GTA V long before its release. It doesn’t appear as if the PS4 or Xbox One version of GTA V is going to be different enough to need a full scale long term rollout.

There have been GTA V release dates floating around the web, mostly on European websites saying GTA V will be out on November 7. Perhaps it will indeed be out then. But it seems likely that Rockstar’s complete silence on GTA V doesn’t bode well for us to see the next gen GTA V until 2015.

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