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Next Commander 2013 print run to be weighted towards Mind Seize

Seize them this time while you have the chance.
Seize them this time while you have the chance.

Whenever Wizards of the Coast releases preconstructed Magic products in a series, it's only natural that some of the decks will sell better than others. However, the difference has never been more apparent than in last year's controversy over the blue-black-red Commander 2013 deck, titled Mind Seize, and the price-gouging issues that resulted from the inclusion of $35-dollar card and Legacy powerhouse True-Name Nemesis in only that deck. Unscrupulous retailers were reported to have hoarded only that deck, selling off the others at MSRP and Mind Seize at five or ten times the suggested price; or surreptitiously opening the deck boxes to remove the Nemeses.

Now Wizards of the Coast is fighting back - according to a recent sales solicitation, it plans to slightly overprint Mind Seize.

By popular demand - a reconfigured mix of decks!

The newest Commander release has been wildly popular with Magic(tm) players, with one of the five decks in particular getting a lot of attention from both Commander fans and players of Eternal formats.

We've heard the feedback from players, stores, and distributors and want to make the sought-after Mind Seize easier for Magic players to pick up and try out.

Now when you order a carton of five Commander decks it will contain two Mind Seize decks along with an assortment of three other decks from the release (Eternal Bargain, Nature of the Beast, Power Hungry, or Evasive Maneuvers).

This is an unorthodox way to stabilize the secondary market; but given the strain of balancing casual and competitive interests in this matter, it may have been the best step to take.

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