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Next 'Call of Duty' trailer leaked and game dated

With E3 drawing closer, there was going to be a reveal by Activision involving the next Call of Duty game in the coming days. As of today, the trailer and other information has leaked thanks to Destructoid. After a lot of poking around by publications Variety and Vice, Activision decided to go ahead and post the trailer. The trailer showcases gameplay from the Xbox One, and will feature actor Kevin Spacey in the game.

Photos from the leak
Photos from the leak
Photo courtesy of Destructoid, used with permission
Information has leaked on the yearly FPS
Photo courtesy of Destructoid, used with permission.

The game will be called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. The story for the single player campaign will involve Cyber Kevin Spacey as a leader of an anti-government platoon. In a more futuristic warfare setting, soldiers will have exo-suits that allow super high jumps, wall scaling, and cloaking. According to Destructoid, the game will be released November 4th. You can visit the page to watch the trailer and can check out the screens in the slideshow on this page. Stay in touch for more information invovling Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.