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Next 'Call of Duty' to be unveiled on May 4

A screenshot of the 'Call of Duty' website
A screenshot of the 'Call of Duty' website
Stan Rezaee

The official website of the new Call of Duty went online on May 1 with a timer set for May 4, when Activsion will officially unveil the game.

The website only features the timer on the top along with a distorted image that will be revealed on May 4.

Setting up the official website early could be Activsion strategy of preventing retailers from leaking the game early. Back in 2013, Tesco Direct unofficially unveiled Call of Duty: Ghosts a week before Activision could make an official announcement.

Not much has been leaked regarding the new game except that it's being developed by Sledgehammer Games while IGN did post a teaser image back in April. The image impressed some game writers like Stephany Nunneley of VG24/7 who stated, "While it’s just a man’s face, it shows the how next-gen the firm intends the game to look."

Many have speculated that the next game will be set in the Modern Warfare story arc while rumors from unknown sources have supported this claim. This is due to Activision referring to Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Ghosts as their flagship series during the conference call back in February.

Rumors regarding a "Modern Warfare 4" are not new as there was a great amount of them back in 2013 during the build up to the official announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Those alleged leaks also came from anonymous sources and could not officially be confirmed.

The upcoming Call of Duty will be the eleventh game in the popular series that has sold over 100 million copies and on average has 40 million active players a month.

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