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Next 'Bogey Tees Off' book will focus on bullying

The new "Bogey Tees Off" book takes on bullying
The new "Bogey Tees Off" book takes on bullying
Bogey Tees Off

Wherever you go these days, bullying is a talked about issue that hits home for many.

But in a golf book?

You bet.

Personally, my hat is off to Dottie Pepper, Scoff Fuller and illustrator, Shon Watkins for keeping the "Bogey Tees Off" book series entertaining and fresh while keeping with the life lessons theme that hits home for so many people.

The next book in former LPGA-player Dottie Pepper’s children’s book series, “Bogey Tees Off,” combines golf and the subject of youth bullying. “Bogey Tees Off Vol. 2 – A Lesson About Bullying,” will be out just in time for back-to-school in mid-August.

“We are teeing up a serious issue and wanted to time the release when kids were starting to get back to school," explains Pepper, formerly the No. 1-ranked golfer in the world and now a broadcaster for ESPN.

Fans and kids will love to see that Bogey Ballton is back, and attending Best Ball School to try and earn his tour card.
It's a long way to the tour from being a range ball, but Bogey is game. Bogey faces obstacles, including bullying by other students. That ended when bully buster girl Daisy came along and showed how to put a stop to bullying.

Pepper told me these book are all about helping kids and also charity.

"Life lessons and important topics are an essential part of what we are addressing. The first book was about being truthful, our second about the true meaning of Christmas and now this third book tackles the subject of bullying. There is also a charitable component to every element we bring on. Volume 1 benefits Junior Golf in Upstate NY and Virginia Beach, VA (the home areas for both myself and Scott Fuller, my co-author, respectively). The Christmas book benefits the Folds of Honor and this third book will benefit The LPGA Foundation. Our headcovers, in partnership with Dahpne's Headcovers, also support the youth causes mentioned."

It's also a bit personal for Pepper, as she explains.

"This book in particular, has become very personal for me. I was bullied as a child. In fact, the parallel is in the book. My bike - one I worked all sorts of jobs to make enough money to buy - was stolen by my bully. Bogey has his scooter stolen. My bullying didn't stop there but this was a great illustration for us to be able to use in this book. The Daisy character also, as you will notice, wears a Furman Paladin purple scrunchy in her hair as a tribute to my university."

The new book will officially launch at the Wegmans LPGA Championship, held Aug. 11-17 at Monroe Golf Club in Pittsford, N.Y.

In a great gesture, 150 autographed “Bogey Tees Off Vol. 1” books will be given away throughout the Rochester area to promote literacy and the tournament itself.

"In addition to giving back, Bogey's mission is to get kids playing golf, reading, and having fun," Fuller said. “The Wegmans LPGA Championship is the perfect place to have fun and introduce our female hero, Daisy.”

Pepper agrees, and adds that people need to put the words "golf" and "fun" in the same sentence.

"Golf for too long has not been fun to learn while other sports have made it fun to play baseball, for example (tee ball) or tennis (junior courts that are smaller, larger headed rackets, limited bounce balls). Copying success is not a crime when it comes to this and golf has put itself on an unfriendly, unaccommodating island for too long. Look at the success of the Drive, Chip and Putt … modeled after Punt, Pass and Kick. Other sports get it. We can, too."

Those that read the book will get an idea of what bullying is wrong.

"We teach that bullying is just plain wrong," adds Pepper. "That anyone can go from a bystander to a supporter and also include a "Tee Box " section toward the back of the book where we give kids, families and instructors tools to recognize and deal with bullying in a positive way."

You can get more information on “Bogey Tees Off Vol. 2 – A Lesson About Bullying” will retail for $16.99 and be available in August on and finer golf retailers.

Get yourself a copy and one for a young golfer, and help put a stop to bullying.

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