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Nexbelt serves more than one purpose for golfers

Nexbelt comes in various colors

With the heightened awareness of fitness in society today, men and women’s waistlines are shrinking. That’s a good thing.

One negative, however, is what to do with belts that no longer have enough holes to do their job.

That’s where Nexbelt comes in. This new product won the ING Industry Honors Product Ingenuity award in the Emerging Companies category recently, and for good reason.

Nexbelt, "The Belt Without Holes", provides maximum comfort and minimum adjustment hassle by allowing the wearer an adjustment pattern of ¼ inch as opposed to the outdated pin/buckle belts of one inch.

This ratchet technology, called PreciseFit, allows wearers the comfort and style associated with quality.

The Go-In! Golf Series of belts are available in a variety of colors and buckle styles, providing the golfer with the ultimate in comfort and style as well as a hidden ball marker located underneath the flip down face. Several players on the pro tours are wearing the Nexbelt products.

All belts are cut-to-fit for waist sizes ranging from 28" to 50".

Nexbelt gives consumers a fashionable streamline appearance while supplying a practical solution to an uncomfortable problem. Allowing the golfer a reduction of up to 15 waist sizes with the same belt, and the forgiveness of a few inches following a hearty meal, PreciseFit Technology provides wearers with a natural feel and more comfortable golf swing.

The belts retail for $55.99. To order, Click Here.

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