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Newton horse owner charged with animal cruelty

Prevent animal cruelty.  Help is available for horses in need.
Prevent animal cruelty. Help is available for horses in need.
Photo: Lori D Roets


  • Janet Ford 6 years ago

    This just breaks my heart. Horses are magnificent creatures. We have 5 rescues that share our home. Their pasts are all quite sad but we strive to give them much brighter futures. It's nearly magical to watch them romp and play.

  • Debbie Huss 6 years ago

    Trust me she never had a horse on her pasture that looked this good. To me the People that rented her the pasture are just as gulity they could look out there windows and see the starving animals. They also have done nothing

  • Kathee Wozniak, Charlotte Pet Friendly Examiner 6 years ago

    Thank you for posting this!!! A friend of mine had her horse there and sold it to another border, she is trying to find him (Joe) as he was shipped overseas. She knows what happened to her horse & many others. We are trying to get as many people to be at the hearing & as many animal organizations, this isnt this person's first time, she keeps moving from place to place and continues to make money off people and harm horses.

  • Charlotte Equine Examiner 6 years ago

    Reply to Debbie Huss: I don't have rights to use any photos of the three seized animals currently. If you can provide me photo that is OK to use of the horse you are nursing back to health, I would very much like to replace the photo I used to accompany the article. You can send it to the e-mail address in my bio. Thanks. Lori Roets - Charlotte Equine Examiner

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