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Newsworthy Clive Bundy is an old fool

Clive Bundy is an old Nevada rancher who owes the Federal Government/American taxpayers over a million dollars in grazing fees on Nevada public lands. The feds tried to take some of Bundy’s cattle on the public lands to help pay back the Treasury used to fund the public lands.

However, the national media televised the dispute after heavily armed bands of anti-government “patriots” and even their kids, from all across America, drove down to his ranch to support and protect Bundy’s cattle from the federal law enforcement.

Finally, the feds released Bundy’s cattle; so no one got killed in a gun battle that day - reminiscent of the old Nevada western gunfights.

Bundy basically resents the fact that there are now federally protected public lands surrounding his huge homesteaded ranch and he has too many cattle to keep them all on his property to graze. Thus, millions of western ranchers, every summer, gratefully pay the small token Public Lands grazing fee to feed their cattle often during the summer to make additional cattle profits.

Another pet peeve of these naïve, largely un-educated, anti-government patriots involves the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

The Act was not created in the early 1970s to hassle or inconvenience Clive Bundy or any other living American patriot. The focus of this forward thinking federal Act is to keep pieces or species of America intact and observable for future generations of our American offspring. Frankly this author does not care what Bundy’s offspring think of the environmental laws today that try to protect a small native desert tortoise on Nevada public land surrounding Bundy’s grand ranch.

Earth Day 2014 just passed; but we should let all American patriots know how this environmental law is actually having a positive effect in keeping many animals and plants we take for granted today around for future generations.

The American Bald Eagle is the poster child of this original 1973 act; as DDT was thinning eaglet shells and this Grand U.S. Symbol was becoming extinct. The American People pushed for this law through Congress thinking they wanted to have their future generations to physically see a bald eagle soaring rather than seeing an old picture on the Internet of the future. By the way, the bald Eagle is successfully breeding on its own and the grand symbol of USA is now off the endangered species list.

For example, an Oregon chub or ancient feeder species of eagles and osprey are now off the Endangered Species Act today.

Minnow endangered no more? How the Oregon chub bounced back.

We managed to figure out a way to provide for the habitat of the chub in some subset of its range in the Willamette Valley in a way that was economically compatible with landowners, agriculture and other commodity-type development," said Henson of Fish and Wildlife. "Twenty years might seem like a long time (to get it off the endangered list). On the other hand, if you think of the 150 years of habitat modification that went on before, it is pretty darn quick."

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber issued statements crediting partnerships between agencies and private landowners for the chub's recovery.

Along with chub, a variety of protected species moved into those restored habitats, including salmon, Western pond turtles and red-legged frogs, Bangs said.”

However, it appears the huge California Condor, a key carrion feeder of ancient carcasses or road-side dead deer, is just starting its come back from DDT poisoning like the eaglet’s shell thinning mentioned before.

Long-struggling California condor may soar again

In conclusion, this 63-year-old author views the Clive Bundy/”radical armed American patriot” type in this modern world like typical spoiled children throwing a fit to demand another cookie. Maybe that is the only way they get exercise or get outdoors?

Meanwhile, the rest of us can find fossils of ancient endangered animals in the La Brea Tar Pits still? ####

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