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Newsboys Green Room interview: Testosterone, girls and the guys

Learning never before known secrets of successful musicians is always fascinating, so CBN videotaped an interview with the Christian band Newsboys so fans could learn some new things about the group, according to this February 20 Newsboys Facebook page.

The Official 700 Club CBN interview took place between interviewer Demetria Stallings and each band member, with Stallings starting off the interview with a question for singer Michael Tate, formerly of DC Talk.

Question from Demetria: "I appreciate that you guys are mainstream, but you also get out the message of Christ. How do you sustain that relationship with Christ?"

Michael Tate: "Wow. That's a powerful question this early in the morning. It's being real with who you are. We're believers in Christ. We always say we crossover with those who crossover with us, so we want to appeal to the non-Christian and the Christian alike. If it's Christian (music) we always say it ought to be better (than mainstream). We make our music palatable, and hopefully digestible to the mass public."

Demetria turned to Duncan, the band's drummer next, asking "Duncan: You've been drumming for how long?"

Duncan decided it wasn't too early in the morning to play a joke on the young black female interviewer, so he answered her question by stretching the truth about his age.

(I've been playing the drums) since I was nine years old."

Demetria: "No way!"

Duncan: "So about 59 or 70 years, something like that."

"I'm kidding. I'm Kidding. It's just a joke," he said.

Demetria: "OK, because I was like, hold on, hold on..."

The 700 Club Green Room interviewer then asked Duncan what was the passion behind his drumming. And fans learned that it wasn't something super spiritual that led him to play the drums at such an early age, nor through his teen years.

The first thing that grabbed me when I was playing the drums as a kid was that it was very testosterone driven. It was very primal. Like ahhhh!, ya know. And as a 16-year-old kid, when I started playing in high school bands and stuff like that, I just loved the way it made me feel."

But the highly talented drummer's abilities were later directed by his higher power, Jesus Christ, so he could make other people feel what he did when he performed on stage with the Newsboys. And he described it this way.

I think when you get a little bit older, God grabs that, and uses that, for his goodwill."

But Michael piped up and said nothing has changed with Duncan, because the aggression is still there when he plays those drums, causing them all to laugh.

Two other band members--Jack and Jody--round out the group, and both men have daughters, so Demetria asked them about their young female family members, learning that Jack is leaving little "bread crumbs" of word messages to his two daughters for the future, using his CD inscription statements as his tool.

For example, in the most recent CD out by the group, Jack's thank you inscribed on the cover paper was to his two daughters, and he wrote a thank you to them "for being so good to mommy." One of them is unable to read right now, but years later she will see that and be impacted that her father wrote that to her when she couldn't even read.

Demetria: "I was going to ask you Jody, what is some of the things you see Newsboys going into next?"

Jody: "Well, currently we are on a tour called Winter Jam. So that's taking up a majority of our time right now. And we've got the new single that's coming out, and we'll move into summer festivals and another tour in the fall; we never really slow down."

The next big show coming up on the Winter Jam Tour will be in Houston, Texas on March 8, according to Michael Tate. And the Newsboys are not the only band featured as performers on that tour, which also includes such high-profile acts as Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon, Lecrae, Newsong, Thousand Foot Crutch and more.

And on March 21 the movie "God's Not Dead" will hit theaters, featuring the Newsboys hit song with the same title. You can view the clip to that film here, which features one member of Duck Dynasty speaking out on behalf of his faith.

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